Sloooow Motion

It’s already been 3 days since my last post, wow time flies when you’re RIDICULOUSLY busy!

I know I seem to complain a lot about working all the time and I guess it’s my own fault for getting 2 jobs and taking 3 classes. But it’s so hard!! Anyways the last 3 days have been very routine-like. I wake up, go to work, nap, go to my other job, sleep/nap and repeat.

This week, however, I work less but have more school work. I can’t believe this summer semester is almost over! Then I will officially be a University of Ottawa Marketing Graduate! Hooray! 🙂

Oh and has anyone happened to notice the weather today (*sarcasm* because how can you not!)

So I was working with Ginny today at Starbucks and guess what! I will be house sitting for her all of August! The reason this is such good news is because I was going to be couch surfing during that month since my lease in Ottawa would be over and I would still have 2 weeks until LA departure time! Phew!
We also made plans to go to the beach on Wednesday yayyy. We’re going to try and figure out our LA route during that time as well.
What are some cool/exotic/must-see places we should be stopping on our road trip from Ottawa, Ontario to Los Angeles, California?
As I sit here sweating from the heat wave, I realized that I also have tons of school work to do…better get to it 😦
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