LA Journey

All about my preparation for our big road trip out to LA

Story Time

Gather around kids, it’s Story Time!

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who decided to go on a road trip up the West Coast because, clearly, her life wasn’t full enough of adventures. Well she and her high school friend, Pascale, set off on a fairly unprepared 12-day trip in Mabel the Gold Malibu! Our goal was to drive from Los Angeles to Vancouver along the coast and Couch Surf along the way in order to save money.

Side note about Couch Surfing for all you skeptics out there: It’s awesome. It’s a non-profit website  where you can create a profile and browse through a list of people in cities all over the world that are opening up their couch or guest bedroom to you for free while you are traveling! No, the majority are not mass murderers. I said the majority.

Back to the story. We kicked off the journey with an amazing 3-day stay in the Bay Area where my cousins Cathy, Jordan and Izzy live. We decided to splurge and spend a night at the Fort Mason Hostel in San Francisco. Best. Decision. Ever. There, we became friends with our hostel leader, Erinne, who invited us to an exclusive office party at boyfriend’s work on the 18th floor of a high-rise in the financial district. Let’s just say we were hanging with the big wigs. Now, we still had one night to stay in San Francisco, but no where to stay (the hostel was booked) so our very generous hostel friend, Erinne, offered up her couches to us! We rewarded her with a can of maple syrup and some maple candy that Pascale brought from the source!


Fisherman’s Wharf on a typical windy San Francisco day


3 yogis in Petaluma

Check out my high tech slideshow below for more pics of SF and the giant Redwoods!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was going to be hard to beat San Francisco…until we met Portland.

On our way to Portland we made a stop in Crescent City, CA where we slept in a very cozy KOA and in the morning, we went on a little trail adventure through the Redwood Forests.


A few hundred miles later we arrived in what is probably America’s most wonderful city: Portland. Food, bikes, beer and beautiful scenery. What else could you ask for? We were lucky enough to stay with some friends that my dad went to college with. We started out by roaming around the Pearl District where resides the best coffee shop in the world: Barista’s. Once our highly caffeinated bodies started to wake up, we walked/took the FREE train to Powell’s Bookstore. We basically stayed there for 2 days. I don’t think you understand how amazing this place was. Oh and it was right next door to a bangin’ record store that made me discover a band I now love: Walk The Moon.

We worked up an appetite and headed to the famous VooDoo Donuts. I had the “Old Dirty Bastard” which consisted of a donut the size of my head with chocolate and peanut butter melted over top. I died right then and there.

VooDoo Deliciousness


Keep Portland Weird

After eating your way through Portland and enjoying some local beers at Deschutes Brewery and the modern yet cozy Bailey’s Taproom, it was time to continue on to Seattle (no we did not drive immediately after leaving the pub)!

Ahhh the smell of oysters, fresh fish and coffee? Seattle greeted us with it’s cool weather and grey skies but along with that came the hustle and bustle of Pike’s Place Fish Market and the original Starbucks. As former employees, Pascale and I peeked in and immediately agreed that we would NEVER want to work at that location. It was just insane in there! Phew.

View of Seattle

Believe it or not, Jordan (cousin who we were staying with outside of San Francisco in case you lost track) was in Seattle at the same time visiting a friend and attending the Chelsea-Seattle Soccer game. We stayed on the floor of Jordan’s friend for one night and visited Seattle with them, enjoying good food, great beer and beautiful scenery. The second night we Couch Surfed with a very nice guy a little outside downtown Seattle. He left for work early in the morning and left us with the name of a coffee shop. Fuel was no Barista’s, but it did the trick!

Pike Place Market

Watching the boats come in

We thought we might be able to make up a secret sign and become part of the original Starbucks society

The story does not end here. The story only gets better from here on out. Good bye scenic, peaceful, easy travel. Good bye Mabel. We left Seattle happy as can be on our way to our final destination: Vancouver, BC. Unfortunately, out of the three of us (Me, Pascale and Mabel the Malibu) only 2 of us actually made it there.

Let me set the scene: Pascale is at the wheel, we’ve just travelled over 1300 miles, slept on strangers’ floors, spent most of our savings and use maple syrup as a currency. Mabel starts acting up so Pascale takes an exit for Bellingham, WA where Mabel breathes her last breath of gas. We got towed to a small local garage with 45 minutes before closing time. Our options: get transmission fixed for $3000 or sell the car for parts for $100. Wow. Considering Mabel was only worth $2500 (but millions in my books), I opted for option #2.

So we are now in an unknown town that is hosting a dirt car race this particular weekend meaning that all hotels are booked and rental cars have been rented out. Great. Luckily the mechanic was able to find us a rental car 30 minutes away from where we were. an $85 cab ride later, we were given the keys to a luxurious….wait for it….mini van! Yup, that happened. The good news was that we were only a few hours away from Vancouver. At the Canadian border, the agent asked us why we had a rental mini van. “WELL sir, let me tell you a little story!”. We passed the border with ease and a “Good Luck Girls!”.

Staying with a friend of a friend, Trini, we spent an amazing 3 days in Vancouver. I even bumped into a friend I went to College with in Ottawa! Small world!


Good thing AAA provided me with this signs. It’s as though they knew

Goodbye old girl

View from Trini’s porch in Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver

Me and Trini

Poutine!!! ❤

As our nerves began to settle post-car abandonment, we started to think of the most logical and cheap way to get back to Los Angeles before Pascale’s flight for Montreal took off. Fabulous!

Option 1: Flying – eliminated right away because of all the stuff we had (rollerblades, yoga mat, suitcases, maple syrup…)

Option 2: Renting a car back – eliminated due to a million complications and $$$.

Option 3: Greyhound Bus – Winner! for $89 each this 52 passenger beauty will take us from Seattle Airport to downtown LA. All we need to do is return the rental van in Bellingham, take a shuttle from there to Seattle Airport and then take 3 Greyhound Buses (26 hours of luxury, comfort and serenity  *insert sarcastic tone here*) back to one of the most sketchy bus terminals in the world: Los Angeles Greyhound Terminal.

Homeless, carless and living off of peanut butter waiting for the Greyhound

The story has a happy ending though. My roommate Aimee picked us up from the bus station and took us back to our beloved laundry room by the beach. Side note: There was a fire in our last apartment and we have been in a friend’s laundry room on 2 twin beds for 3 months. The next morning Pascale and I had a very NORMAL day at the beach with Smore Cupcakes from my favorite cafe in Hermosa Beach, GumTree.

Home 🙂

All in all, ladies and gentlemen, we had an incredible adventure and, hey, it gives me something to write about!









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What happened to her?

I know you have been dying to know more about what is going on in my life. Wait no more! I have plenty to talk about since the last time I blogged about the random-interesting-for-some-people things happening in my life. To make things easier, I made a list.

List of things happening in my life:

1) I moved to the beach! The beautiful, non touristy beach by the name of Redondo Beach is now where I reside. You can BARELY notice the giant factory down my street because if you look very closely behind the giant tree in front of our kitchen window, you can see the ocean 🙂 . Totally worth it.

2) I commute 45 minutes without traffic or 1h33 minutes with traffic to get to work back in Pasadena. I don’t want to talk about it.

3) I got transferred to the lululemon in Manhattan Beach starting in 3 weeks! Estimated commute time: 7 minutes by car or 1h by bicycle by taking the beach strand and walking by bike up a giant hill. I have yet to test it out.

4) I still horseback ride…all the way up past Pasadena. It’s worth it as long as I miss traffic.

5) I got a tattoo. It’s a giant panther with wings and symbolized fierceness and freedom.

6) Totally did not get a tattoo.

7) Still have Mabel the Malibu. She is running like a charm but is also not enjoying the commute to Pasadena.

8) I have yet to learn how to surf.

9) My roommate and I go on bike rides almost every day and we saw a whale and some dolphins!

10) Got a 3 day Disneyland pass. Have been twice so far. It is indeed the Happiest Place on Earth where there are no calories!

11) I’m totally into yoga, juicing every fruit and vegetable that exists and riding my bike with my handy dandy basket everywhere.

11) Next visit to Canada is scheduled for the end of May 🙂

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Visit from my favourite fazoolie

Fazoolie: noun, meaning ‘a person who looks or acts slightly crazy’. Used in sentences such as: “omg look at your hair, you look like a fazoolie!” or “I was going insane, I was acting like such a fazoolie”.

Erin, though my best friend, can act and look like a fazoolie. I, too, have been known to have fazoolie moments. It just happens! The night Erin flew in to LAX, the fun began. I had to work late and asked Scotty to pick her up at the airport (thank goodness he was there because trying to explain the LA bus system to anyone from outside LA would be a nightmare).

Scotty invited a bunch of friends over for a fish taco BBQ as a “Welcome to America” party for Erin! We ate, drank and made our way out to the Hermosa Pier where we stayed out and danced until the wee hours of the morning. The next day, I had to work back in Pasadena and Erin was on her own in the great land of opportunity. She took advantage of her freedom and….laid by my mini pool all day. I would have done the same.


Once we were both rested up we were ready for our next adventure. That adventure would be none other than driving to Vegas and back in less than 48 hours! Go big or go home!

We played. We lost. We had fun and spent the next day at the pool.

Ready for a Monday night in Vegas!

Code Red was my favourite slot machine but then it took my money

Erin on the other hand did quite well!


After making it home alive and realizing we have no more money to spend on special activities we decided to drive back to the beach on my next day off. Erin wanted to see all the famous beaches like Venice and Santa Monica so my brilliant idea was to bike over there from Scotty’s! It sounded like a great idea until we got to our destination 3 hours later. Little did we know Hermosa Pier to Santa Monica Pier was about a 15 mile bike ride each way. We stopped in Venice for fish tacos to refuel and then made our way to Santa Monica Pier. Fun experience overall.

Only a few miles in. Still smiling

So far so good

We made it! we have to bike back before the sun sets.

Ah such a great trip! Until next year miss Wallace 🙂

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A little house in France

Post race recovery included a full week of..nothing! Ok that’s not true. I now bike to work after moving to Pasadena from Glendale which is awesome for so many reasons! The exercise part is great, but the best part is the money and gas I’m saving by not driving. According to my quick calculations:

Parking costs $6/day x 20 days (approx.) = $120
Monthly Gas costs (approx. just for work) = $30
Annual savings: $150 x 12 = $1800 !

Umm hello nice little house in France in 20 years! That’s right. It’s one of my goals and I am determined to make it happen.

For those of your that were not aware, last week was Bike to Work week. Pasadena had a bunch of events around town helping in the promotion of Bike to Work week. I’ve been using my roommate’s Beach Cruiser. Yes, it’s very cool…but not ideal for cities. Hmm maybe that’s why they call it a BEACH cruiser?!

If only I had a beach to cruise by in Pasadena

It does the trick and way more enjoyable than driving in traffic!

A few weeks ago the University of Ottawa Alumni in LA had a mixer at a fancy hotel in Beverly Hills. I was invited because yes I am an alumnus! Anyways, Ginny came with me and we mingled with the 10-12 people that were there. I met some very interesting people, including a few that may need me for event planning! I talked to the 2 alumni responsible for organizing the uOttawa events abroad and told them I’d like to volunteer to help organize some of the events in LA. They were ecstatic! It definitely helped that I was bilingual 🙂

Good things are happening!

I’ve been getting a lot of responsibilities at work and building strong friendships and work relationships as well. This weekend is Tilly-Gabby time. Tilly is Matt and Ginny’s foster dog and while they are away for the weekend I get to stay over and hangout with her!

Not much trouble

I am currently enjoying watching Netflix in bed with Tilly laying where she is in the picture before having to go to work at 4pm. Oh and today is lululemon Pasadena’s 4th Birthday Party! Yayy! Free massages? Yes please!

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No one Ever Drowned in Sweat

It wouldn’t be a normal race day if it wasn’t pouring rain at 6 am. Good thing we were in California and the “cold weather” meant something around 15 degrees Celsius. The one good thing about the rain is that we didn’t have sun in our eyes as we ran, and to be honest, it was pretty refreshing to have drops of rain rinse of the sweat as I climbed the Pasadena Hills.

Pasadena Marathon Course - Hills from mile 8 - 10 arghh

It was great to see my Pasadena lululemons cheering everyone on in the pouring rain with signs like “No one ever drowned in sweat.” and “If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?” !

My goal was initially to finish the entire 13.1 miles (or 21 km) without stopping considering the longest I had ran prior to the race was 9 miles (14.45 km) so it was still going to be a test whether or not I’d even be physically able to finish the race! Around mile 10 I realized that my legs were still going which meant that I could now try to think of a goal time. The problem? I didn’t have a watch or any sense of time. All I knew is that I had 3.1 miles to go!

I started doing some calculations in my head: “If I ran 6 miles (10km) in 58 minutes, that means I could run 12 miles in about 2 hours if I kept the same pace throughout. Now I need to add an extra 1.1 miles and take into consideration the 2 miles of hills that we had on our course. I decided to aim for 2 hrs 15 min. But again, I had absolutely no idea what I was at anyways. For all I knew I could have been at 3 hours already!

At least I'm still smiling!

Well, I crossed the finish line with an official time of 2:14:36 ha! Now I just need to try and beat that for the next races! I actually really liked the half marathon, more so than the 10k. It’s a nice steady pace. I want to do a few more before trying the full marathon. I have a feeling it’ll be a whole other story when the California sun is beaming on my for 2 hours.

pushing through those hills

Virginia - a friend I ran with - crossed the finish line at the same time as me! It was nice to have someone there the whole time

So what’s next? Well since I am the new Ambassador for the LA Rock n Roll Half Marathon, I’ll be getting people excited for that race in October and most likely running it myself! I also want to do some Mud Runs. They sound like so much fun. Basically you run through a muddy obstacle course over 3 miles usually.

I also want to try and work on my stats:

Gotta work on that pace!

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Rainy Days


For some reason, when it rains people forget how to drive, they cancel all plans that involve leaving their home and avoid any contact with the outside world in case the rain might melt their skin off.

Ok, wait. Maybe that’s just people in California.

There has been an unusually large amount of rain falling this week, but that’s no reason to be a Debby Downer! Honestly, there are so many things you can get done on a rainy day, especially a rainy Sunday.

Take me for example. I am finally writing a blog post, hurray! I am sitting at my new favourite coffee shop, Cafe Alibi in Pasadena on a big comfy couch drinking a Rose Petal herbal tea while it’s starting to sprinkle again outside. I have everything I need to spend the rest of the afternoon: my laptop (emails, blog, online shopping) , book (reading: Ultra Marathon Man…incredible), cellphone (in case a celebrity calls me to plan their party) and planner (obviously never leave the house without it).

Since getting back from the incredible Switzerland trip, my life has been all about working hard and playing hard too.

The first week I focused on catching up on sleep. I was so confused the day I got back from Europe that I went to do groceries and spent well over 2 and a half hours in Whole Foods…this is even WITH a list I had made before going (to save time, ha!).

By the 2nd week I was well rested and able to get back into my regular chaotic schedule. The first thing I did, however, was quit my “internship” at the event company. With all my friends quitting and me focussing on sales more than event planning, I just wasn’t getting what I wanted out of it and it was time for me to move on.

Well the moving on happened shortly after when I got a call from a friend asking me if I wanted to interview for a Public Relations job at….DISNEY! It’s a 6 month paid internship with the Disney Stores department. I would be working in Pasadena still in a really cool loft-style building with dozens of more employees.

I had the interview on Friday and they really liked my energy and personality. One of the questions they asked was about my knowledge in social media. Ha! Aren’t I glad I attended some social media conferences at Ottawa U. Anyways, hundreds will apply and one will be selected. Fingers crossed.

It’s a bitter sweet process, because it would require me quitting lululemon. The internship is only 6 months but it is full time. There is possibility of Disney hiring me afterwards if everything works out. Anyways, that is still a few weeks away.

Work aside, I am not being a total hermit these days which is an improvement! I went to see a band play at a friend’s house the other day. I didn’t know this but the band has opened for The Ting-Tings and has played at some big concerts in San Diego. Check ’em out, they are really good. Their band name is now Brite Futures, but they used to be called NPSH (Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head..haha).

Great Band - Brite Futures

It was cool cause they played in our friend’s living room with maybe 30 people there. Everything was going great until the cops showed up. Woopsies! Too loud for a Thursday night?

Oh, back to the theme of ‘Rainy Days’ : LA Marathon! Oh my goodness. I don’t think anyone was prepared for that torrential downpour. Lululemon had an Inspiration Station at mile 22 and we were out in the rain for over 4 hours. I can’t even imagine how the runners must have felt. Apparently the rain caused some mudslides in Woodland hills that day. We saw some crazy runners running barefoot! No joke. I guess it made sense, because those who kept their shoes on (all other 22 994 people) got really bad blisters from their wet socks.

Just a glimpse of how badly it was raining

In other news, the Pasadena lulus have started a Liver Enhancing cleanse. For 3 weeks (I am starting my second week now) we will be loading up on veggies and cutting out carbs, sugar and animal products. It’s tough but I already feel better. I have to admit I cheated a few times (had a hard boiled egg and a bit of skim milk) but I have stuck to it for the most part.

We have this cranberry juice concoction to drink before meals as well and it’s pretty acidic but it feels like it’s clearing out my system. If you want to learn more about this, the cleanse is based off a book called “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning” by Eric Berg. Check it out!

I am still slowly training for my half marathon in May. It’s coming up pretty quickly but I really want to do it!

I think my parking meter is running out now. I should probably move on to my next Rainy Sunday project.


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When in Rome…

After an eventful week with my mom, I pulled out my inflatable mattress (ok so I bought a new one) and got ready for an exciting week with my 2 friends from Ottawa!

Mel and P-O arrived at LAX late a night on Friday night but we still had an entire week ahead of us.

Honestly, between the visit from my mom and my two friends, I have never explored LA so much since I moved here in September! We started the week out with some vintage shopping and underground dining in Silverlake.

Our goal for the week was to try all new places to eat.

Me and Mel

We found a cute little cafe to eat lunch


Great sandwiches but the best were the homemade donuts!

We checked out the local Farmers’ Market but the main one is every second Sunday in the school yard. We missed that one by a week 😦

Walking around town

The rest of the week was filed with all sorts of activities. We met up with Corina and went to Laguna Beach, Manhattan Beach and then stayed around Glendale to watch movies.

Busy time, but great visit!

Going out in Venice!

Last day in Manhattan Beach


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A mother, A daughter and a Gold Malibu

Life is Good.

No I did not get attacked by a shark nor did I get kidnapped in Compton, I am very much still alive!

February is apparently the month of the Traveling Pants; mine included! Literally, my mom had to bring me my snow pants for my Switzerland trip.

Let’s see where I left off last time. Oh ya the 10k race. Ok so last Friday my mom came to visit for a week!! It was her very first time in California and we literally went from Malibu all the way to Laguna Beach and visited all the different areas of LA along the way. Such a great week!

She got to visit Pasadena while I was at work one day and then came in to lululemon and bought her first pair of Groove Pants 🙂

Monday was such a beautiful day! We/I drove all the way to Laguna Beach and Dana Point for some Valentine’s Day whale and dolphin watching. Capt’n Daves Dolphin Safari was actually really amazing. It was a smaller boat with about 20-25 of us on there which made it easier to get a good spot around the front of the boat. We saw so many dolphins and they like to swim beside the boat and then dive under and pop out on the other side.

Mom didn't want to get wet on the front of the boat

Flipper #1252

Then came the even cooler part. There was this little compartment in the basement of the boat (ok, I don’t know  the real boat lingo here) that was all glass. You could fit 2-3 people at the same time and had an underwater view of the dolphins! How cool is that!

Underwater compartment thingy

You can actually hear the dolphins "clicking" when you're in there

They move so fast so it's hard to take pictures underwater

After that busy morning we got off the boat and sat in the sand in Laguna Beach. From the shore we saw 3 whales feeding! Pretty amazing…

Mommy wants to rent a cottage in Laguna, can’t complain! It’s a cute/artsy beach town. We had dinner at the Coyote Grill with an amazing view of the ocean at Sunset.

The rest of the week was just as fun. We went to Malibu to a vineyard and bought some California wine and got to explore the mountain side of Cali. Then we drove down the Pacific Coast Highway and up through Santa Monica Blvd all the way back to Silver Lake where my mom found a cute B&B to stay at. The Sanborn Guest House is run by a nice man named Gary and his cat “Crazy Girl”.

We went out to a modern indian restaurant last night called Tantraz, on Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake. The waiter was always running around even though it wasn’t packed at all. Warning: he talks really fast and it feels like you are pressured to say yes to all of his suggestions which just makes your final bill ridiculous. My mom and I managed to say “No” to most of it, thank goodness. However, the food was DE-LICIOUS!

This morning we woke bright and early and headed to the well-know Intelligentsia Cafe on the corner of Sanborn and Sunset. It’s a trendy, hipster place to have a fancy cup of coffee or latte. I grabbed the LA Weekly newspaper on my way out to find some cool things to do this week with my next visitors!

The shuttle picked my mom up a 8:15am and I drove home to get ready for Mel and Pierre-Olivier that will be flying in to LAX tonight at 10pm! Another fun week ahead 🙂

Other news: I ran 9 miles (15 km) yesterday…AHHH! I couldn’t believe I did it but it went by so fast with my friend Becky. We did some trails around the Rose Bowl and got lost but it all added up to 15 km in the end. Next goal: sign up for a half-marathon!

These guys were on our Dolphin Safari too...they were pretty funny to watch


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I am going to the beach ALLLL day on my day off. I you need to contact me, too bad.



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It’s now or never

CRAZINESS! Yes as per usual this week is a week of craziness. So what has Not Too Shabby Gabby been up to? If you haven’t heard from me via email, skype or text do not worry I haven’t forgotten about you.

Let’s see here. Unlike last week I have barely been home, hence, not been a hermit. I guess that’s a good start. This week marked the last week of our lululemon fiscal year so we had a little celebration at an Italian restaurant in Pasadena. I really do like Pasadena. Then I went to work at the event planning company and it was a pretty dramatic day with one of our main girls/friend quitting. After this overwhelming day I called my lulu friends and we met up for some much needed YogaHop. We took the candlelight class which has those fake flickering candles all over the room but we were still practicing to hip hop. Basically, it was awesome.

YogaHop came to Lululemon Pasadena!

All that aside, the big news of the week is that my cousin Laura flew in from NYC for the weekend! Her flight was cancelled to San Diego so she ended up flying to LAX which was even better! I picked her and her friend up and we went to the Hermosa Beach Pier for a few drinks.

The next day we rented tandem bikes (pictures to come) in Santa Monica and parked them in Venice Beach and walked around. It was so nice and sunny by the beach and it was great to have the day off. Saturday they drove to San Diego with friends for a going away party but I had to work so I drove down after work. Of course I was stuck in traffic for an hour so I ended up meeting them at the restaurant. We got dressed up and ready at the Hilton and headed to a club called Stingaree.

I should probably not be a club critic because I don’t like them. They are crowded and have a lot of obnoxious people but we still had a fun night because I got to hang out with my cousin Laura and her friends.

Getting ready!

Laura could have made a big "tipping" mistake here! Incident averted!


Overall very fun night. We took a rickshaw back to the hotel because it’s the cool thing to do! Unfortunately the next morning I had to leave at 10am because I worked at 2pm in Pasadena (approx 2.5 hours away). It was a rainy day and I parked in the parking garage right behind lululemon. As I stepped out into the alley, wearing flip flops with no grip, out of no where my feet when flying and I fell flat on my hands and knees! Ouchhhhh! I have a giant bruise on my left knee and am still scheduled to run the Rosebowl 10k Sunday. I’ve been icing it and it’s not painful anymore but it gives out every now and then. I might test it out today on the treadmill.

Important thing on my To Do List today: book California driving license test. Woopsies!

Final note (this is where the title of my blog comes in), I may or may not be going to Switzerland with Laura in like 3 weeks. Actually here is a breakdown of my February:

Feb 11-18: mommy is in LA yay!!

Feb 19-27: Mel and P-O are in LA yay!!

Feb 27-March 6: Gabby and Laura are in Switz (maybe) yay!!

March 7-12: Gabby sleeps yay!!

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