Calypso yay, Intopia nay

Good evening all,

As per usual yesterday was a SCORCHER outside! But rather than try to hide from the heat in my basement, a few friends and I decided to get in line with thousands of others at the brand new Calypso Water Park 25 minutes outside Ottawa.

We were there for 7 hours and needless to say, goint there was the best decision I had made all week! Oddly enough I saw a lot of my friends and coworkers that were supposed to be at work during that time..humm..wonder what happened there! πŸ˜›

This is what one of the slides looked like ahhh!

I’m glad I took this day to enjoy myself because what was about to come was harder than we thought!

This weekend for my Strategic Management class we have to participate in a market simulation called (cue dramatic music) INTOPIA!

Basically we are a team selling hockey sticks along with 24 other teams I believe and we make decisions, contracts, deals and all that fun stuff through a program and the team with the most profit in the end wins! Simple right? WRONG! It’s over a 3 days period (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and today we were in our team office for over 8 HOURS!

The good news is, one day down, 2 to go! And we don’t have a final exam and we’re actually doing well in the game so hourray!

This surely bored you so I promise after the weekend of chaos is over I will post some more about my LA journey plans and more pictures!

Good night to all πŸ™‚

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One thought on “Calypso yay, Intopia nay

  1. I could literally feel my stomach in my throat looking at that picture! Eek!

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