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Hasta Proxima

Aurevoir famille Norton! They all flew out today and have made it home safely.

I just had a crazy long day. Woke up at 5:45am to make it to the Matrix Yoga class (the one where you hang upside down on straps on he wall), then went to lululemon for an hour training session followed by my usual 9:30-5pm job at The Party Goddess. But wait, there’s more! I then proceeded to go to a Power Yoga class at 5:45pm until 7:15pm followed by a quick stop at lululemon to pick up a shirt. Finally made it home at 8:15pm, made dinner (broccoli, zucchini and tuna. I know, very plain!) and am now sitting comfortably in bed trying to avoid excessive movements.

Might I mention that all this had to be done while living up to my Daily Challenge of: no treats whatsoever, except fruit!

It was going well until….I found a dreaded PEPPERMINT in my purse and ate it without even realizing! I confessed to Erin and had to do 20 sit-ups as a punishment. Here is proof:

Damn you Peppermint!

Big day tomorrow. At 8:30 am the Pasalus (Pasadena lululemon peeps) are meeting for a crazy fun training session at CATZ . Seriously, it is TONS of fun! I’ll try to get pics. Then I work 10-6pm but I know we’ll have a blast, followed by the “back-again-by-popular-request” Pasalu’s…..WINE NIGHT III!! It’s pretty self-explanatory. I will try to document that one as well.

Erin made up for her failed challenge yesterday by doing some push-ups. Nice work!

It's hard to do push ups and take a pic at the same time!

Tomorrow’s challenges:

E-wall’s: consume 1500 mg or LESS of sodium. Did you know the average american consumes 4000 mg/day!!! Try to calculate how much you actually take in in one day, you’ll be surprised!

G-Nort’s: do 10 push ups every hour regardless of where I am (curtesy of Kevin, Erin’s bf. Yikes!) Time frame: 10am-6pm = total of 80 push ups!!

I think we need a reward every 3 or 6 months for the person who actually lives up to her challenges, what do you think? I need ideas and it has to be something easy to send in the mail from Ottawa to LA and vice-versa!

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