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Visit from my favourite fazoolie

Fazoolie: noun, meaning ‘a person who looks or acts slightly crazy’. Used in sentences such as: “omg look at your hair, you look like a fazoolie!” or “I was going insane, I was acting like such a fazoolie”.

Erin, though my best friend, can act and look like a fazoolie. I, too, have been known to have fazoolie moments. It just happens! The night Erin flew in to LAX, the fun began. I had to work late and asked Scotty to pick her up at the airport (thank goodness he was there because trying to explain the LA bus system to anyone from outside LA would be a nightmare).

Scotty invited a bunch of friends over for a fish taco BBQ as a “Welcome to America” party for Erin! We ate, drank and made our way out to the Hermosa Pier where we stayed out and danced until the wee hours of the morning. The next day, I had to work back in Pasadena and Erin was on her own in the great land of opportunity. She took advantage of her freedom and….laid by my mini pool all day. I would have done the same.


Once we were both rested up we were ready for our next adventure. That adventure would be none other than driving to Vegas and back in less than 48 hours! Go big or go home!

We played. We lost. We had fun and spent the next day at the pool.

Ready for a Monday night in Vegas!

Code Red was my favourite slot machine but then it took my money

Erin on the other hand did quite well!


After making it home alive and realizing we have no more money to spend on special activities we decided to drive back to the beach on my next day off. Erin wanted to see all the famous beaches like Venice and Santa Monica so my brilliant idea was to bike over there from Scotty’s! It sounded like a great idea until we got to our destination 3 hours later. Little did we know Hermosa Pier to Santa Monica Pier was about a 15 mile bike ride each way. We stopped in Venice for fish tacos to refuel and then made our way to Santa Monica Pier. Fun experience overall.

Only a few miles in. Still smiling

So far so good

We made it! we have to bike back before the sun sets.

Ah such a great trip! Until next year miss Wallace 🙂

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