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Rock ‘n’ Roll baby!

Let’s be honest. I just wasn’t busy enough these days! Ok, ok so here is what happened. I got a call at lululemon from a woman who was looking for ambassadors to help spread the word about the upcoming Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. The reason she called lululemon was 1) she used to work there and 2) their company is like lulu with their marketing; they do grassroot marketing.

I decided to apply and guess what… I got the job! It’s super exciting because I get to work on expanding my own network in the LA area, I get paid to run with people, I get to make my own marketing plan, attend events and be my own boss!

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon is in a bunch of cities all over the country so if you want to run it (which you totally should!) check out the website to see where the closest one to you is going to be. Or…make it a road trip and come to the LA one with me! Los Angeles only has a half marathon right now, as it’s only in its 2nd year of existence.

National Running Day

The fun doesn’t stop there! June 1st, is National Running Day. I know a lot of you are reading this from Canada but it’s ok we can totally make it an international day!

Here’s how it works.

On June 1st, lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement because we are trying to reach a 500,000 mile goal! Keep track of the miles ran that day and log them on our Mileage Reel. P.S walking totally counts 🙂

F.Y.I You get $13 off the Half Marathon if you sign up on National Run Day!! 

Leave me a comment with your mileage for National Run Day and I will tally it up!

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No one Ever Drowned in Sweat

It wouldn’t be a normal race day if it wasn’t pouring rain at 6 am. Good thing we were in California and the “cold weather” meant something around 15 degrees Celsius. The one good thing about the rain is that we didn’t have sun in our eyes as we ran, and to be honest, it was pretty refreshing to have drops of rain rinse of the sweat as I climbed the Pasadena Hills.

Pasadena Marathon Course - Hills from mile 8 - 10 arghh

It was great to see my Pasadena lululemons cheering everyone on in the pouring rain with signs like “No one ever drowned in sweat.” and “If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?” !

My goal was initially to finish the entire 13.1 miles (or 21 km) without stopping considering the longest I had ran prior to the race was 9 miles (14.45 km) so it was still going to be a test whether or not I’d even be physically able to finish the race! Around mile 10 I realized that my legs were still going which meant that I could now try to think of a goal time. The problem? I didn’t have a watch or any sense of time. All I knew is that I had 3.1 miles to go!

I started doing some calculations in my head: “If I ran 6 miles (10km) in 58 minutes, that means I could run 12 miles in about 2 hours if I kept the same pace throughout. Now I need to add an extra 1.1 miles and take into consideration the 2 miles of hills that we had on our course. I decided to aim for 2 hrs 15 min. But again, I had absolutely no idea what I was at anyways. For all I knew I could have been at 3 hours already!

At least I'm still smiling!

Well, I crossed the finish line with an official time of 2:14:36 ha! Now I just need to try and beat that for the next races! I actually really liked the half marathon, more so than the 10k. It’s a nice steady pace. I want to do a few more before trying the full marathon. I have a feeling it’ll be a whole other story when the California sun is beaming on my for 2 hours.

pushing through those hills

Virginia - a friend I ran with - crossed the finish line at the same time as me! It was nice to have someone there the whole time

So what’s next? Well since I am the new Ambassador for the LA Rock n Roll Half Marathon, I’ll be getting people excited for that race in October and most likely running it myself! I also want to do some Mud Runs. They sound like so much fun. Basically you run through a muddy obstacle course over 3 miles usually.

I also want to try and work on my stats:

Gotta work on that pace!

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Push Yourself

Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa!!!

(belated, because this post is a few days late)

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday in Glendale, California. Grandpa said it was nice and sunny in Mars, Pennsylvania as well. How about my Canadian family? Hopefully it’s sunny there too!

I’ve been really good with my running lately and one day after running around the 3 mile/5k Rosebowl track, I decided to do it again the other direction! So at the end I had logged just over 10 km in a little more than an hour. I felt great after and my shins didn’t hurt so I decided to sign up for the Rosebowl 10 k race on Superbowl Sunday!

I know I can run 10k because I did it last May in Ottawa, however, we’re talking about 2 very different courses here. Ottawa was completely flat with the exception of one mini hill over a bridge versus Pasadena, CA that is basically ONLY hills. Great. Not gonna lie, I’m a little worried because as soon as I lose my pace and breathing I get all worked up.

Anyways, I’m going to run it no matter what!

This week has been fairly eventful. I mean working both jobs always keeps me busy and then I try to fit in some sort of exercise each day too. I realized that I was being a bit of a hermit lately. I told some friends from work that we needed to go out or something because I was being very anti-social! But honestly, when you work in customer service you kinda want that alone time after work to decompress. Nothing wrong with being a little anti-social now and then 🙂

This is a hermit crab that likes to hang out in it's shell unless it needs to go somewhere

I also decided that yes, I want to go out with friends, but I also need to learn more about event planning and need to attend more seminars, conferences and conventions that have something to do with event planning. I believe I will be able to attend LA’s Spark and Hustle event run by Tory Johnson next week.

Another one of my upcoming goals is to read more! I will most likely have to schedule time in one of my 400 calendars to read, but hey I can do it. I think I’ll start blogging some short book reviews every now and then.

The book I just finished is called Summer at Tiffany (no “S” at the end) and it’s a memoir of 2 girls that move to Manhattan to find a summer job in the big city. I love the 40s-50s era and biographies and memoirs are always interesting. I’m sending it to my grandma to read, but I do recommend it as a fun and easy read.

A lot of fun events this week though. Tonight is our lululemon Vision party/get together. Tomorrow I drive to San Diego to meet up with my cousin Laura for a day. Saturday morning we have run club and we’re now pairing up with the Pasadena Pacers and Saturday night is my friend Kelly’s birthday! Sunday night we have our End-Of-The-Year lululemon dinner with the whole Pasadena team. I won’t be acting hermit-like those days!


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Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold

Good day!! Speaking of a good day, today is freaking fabulous! Not only did I have an awesome run this morning around the Rose Bowl with the lululemon Run Club, but I also have big news.

First of all, I bought a Magic Bullet. I get very excited over simple things like this but it is going to make my life so much easier! It’s literally Magic. Oh the possibilities are endless now, I don’t even know where to begin!

Second big news is that….I am a full time employee at lululemon!!!! YAYYY! My “Seasonal” status is up and I am now going to be working there 30 hr/week or so along with The Party Goddess. Yes, I am going to be busy, but what else is new!?

I walked to Americana at brand to purchase my Magic Bullet today and they had a farmer’s market think going on so I decided to check it out. It was really cool. I met a woman who was selling Vegan Cookies she made herself. They were delish! I bought some for my friend who is going on exchange next week and will send it to her by mail. Anyways, it was such a nice warm and sunny afternoon to walk around Americana at Brand. Oh and they had a mini petting zoo with ponies, goats, pigs and other furry things!

Magic Bullet waaaa!

First smoothie with Magic Bullet...big moment!


Love Farmer's Markets

So my first smoothie with my Magic Bullet was amazing. What did I throw in the “bullet” to make this purple wonder?

Well I started with:

  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen berries
  • 1 cup Almond Breeze, unsweetened vanilla almond milk (it’s awesome!)
  • 1 scoop protein powder (optional)

I didn’t put ice in but that’s a personal preference. The frozen berries added enough coldness to it for me.

I’m actually so full right now. I had fish and quinoa before, thinking the smoothie would be dessert but I guess with the scoop of protein powder it made it more like a meal. Oh well it was delicious.

Next thing I did today was use my handy dandy peas porridge sac (is that what it’s called?). My dad brought it back from Nova Scotia a few months ago where it is used for making traditional peas porridge bread, onion porridge, molasses porridge bread and a whole bunch of other kinds of porridge I didn’t even know existed.

This is literally all you need for the basic Peas Porridge!

so simple

1 cup of yellow lentils into special bag, put in boiling water for 2 hours and voila!

Now we wait the recommended 2 hours. Not sure what I will pair it with…any ideas?!

2 nights ago I went over to Matt and Ginny’s and we had the best time ever! Guess what we did? Played Super Mario World 2 on the old Super Nintendo. Man oh man, it brought back a lot of memories and it was such a fun time. I can’t believe how stressful that game is. My hands always get really clammy!

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