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Better late than never

2 months later I will finally post about the rest of my trip back home to Canada land!

After leaving l’Assomption, I hitched a ride with a stranger (true story, but Erin was there with me and she knew him ha!) to the Nation’s Capital! Erin and I thought we had a good 2 full days to spend together. Wrong. It appears I got my dates wrong and my dad was scheduled to pick me up 17 hours after my arrival in Ottawa to transport me to Picton, ON.


Our time together was brief bit pleasant. The good news was that Erin was visiting me in LA a month later. Phew! We made dinner and caught up on all the latest gossip in our lives then went to bed. That night, Marley the devil cat, proceeded to lose his mind. I woke up with a few scratches and bags under my eyes. Erin left for work and my dad showed up!

After eating at our favourite Canadian Mexican restaurante Ahora, we walked around good ol’ downtown Ottawa. Dad took pictures, I bought maple candy for gifts. I ate half.

So much maple sugar!!!!!

What are we at now? Day 7? Anyway, I spent a day in Picton with the broski, picked vegetables in the garden and was forced to mow the lawn. Just kidding I actually volunteered!

We packed up the van, put Cole far enough in the back so he couldn’t reach me and hit the road. Destination: Toronto airport to pick up brother #2 (I should call them Thing 1 and Thing 2. Kidding) and then en route to Mars, PA to see gpa and gma!

Nortons don’t stop for food. Only coffee and treats 🙂

In Toronto traffic


The rest of a trip went by so fast. For the 3rd year in a row Grandpa and Grandma Norton have the 4 of us, gma’s sister Terry, her 2 kids Cathy and Willie and Cathy’s family Jordan and Izzy over for a week. Let’s just say there is never a boring moment during this time!

Gma is getting ready to ride the rollercoaster

There she goes!

One thing we did a lot of that week was eat. It’s so hard to stopppp! But when it was time to leave, we have a family tradition that involves everyone to get out a white kleenex and wave good bye to the person in the car. That’s always the saddest moment! The good news is the Nortons will all be flying in to LAX in December 🙂


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