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Oh, so money doesn’t grow on trees?

Alright so life is expensive. End of story.

That being said, I just rented a new apartment that will most likely consume all of my disposable income for the next little while. But that’s ok, cause it’s a dream come true. I’ll get to decorate however I want, have my mini garden, wake up to my own stuff in the kitchen and, of course, have Pearl in my own apartment.

My grandparents have been amazing with keeping her in Mars while I am out in California trying to figure my life out. I even got to skype with them and Pearl last week! Apparently she had a freakout when they brought her to the groomers and tried to blow dry her after the bath. We’ll work on that Pearl!

Grandma and Pearl playing one of their many fun games!

Mabel the Malibu is still going strong! Now that I am half way through the process of getting my California license, Mabel and I are planning a big road trip to San Francisco to visit my cousins this weekend! Even better, my friend Kayla flies in tonight for the week and managed to get us a free hotel room for the weekend through her work.

Kayla and I in Lennoxville like 5 years ago...ready to be reunited!

Cousin Cathy, Jordan and 4 year old Isaac will be greeting us Saturday night and hopefully joining us for some fun outings around San Francisco. I’m expecting it to take 6-7 hours to get there if all goes well. However, I am notorious for getting lost, but my trusted GPS should get us there fast.

I must write a brief note about the lady at the DMV today. Dear lord. What a specimen! We would have to hand our completed written driving tests to her and she sat there correcting them. When she was done she would either say “you passed, go to window 2”, or she would yell: “YOU DID NOT PASS GO BACK AND STUDY!”. Lucky me I got the yelling the first time and then quickly lined up again to re-write the test and passed. Phew.

She was 10 times worse than this!

Oh California, you will never get boring!

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