I’m so Pinterested in you.

Never count on me to be on top of the newest, coolest gadget, social media site or latest fashion statement. BUT according to my confirmation email from Pinterest.com, and I quote:

“As one of the first members of Pinterest, your pins will help set the tone for the whole community. “

That’s right folks. Watch out because I will be setting the tone for the world of virtual…pinboarding?

Ok, so here’s how it works. You log on and can browse through various topics such as home decor, DIY crafts, fashion, photography, food… and you “pin” the pictures that you like and feel inspired by onto your magical virtual pin board! And WHY would you want to do this, you ask? Because then, you can create a board for, Oh I don’t know, YOUR PERFECT HOUSE BY THE BEACH WITH MASON JARS FOR OUTDOOR LIGHTING AND CUTE LITTLE FLOWER AND HERB GARDENS AND A…ok maybe that’s just me.

Also very useful for future gift shopping. No more giving your mom cooking utensils and your dad a plaid tie. It’s time to get creative and offer them something like this….

Who would't want this?

But more importantly I think this will be an amazing tool for my career in event planning. It’s possible to browse any other website and click on pictures and “pin” it and it will automatically go to your board of choice (birthday party ideas, wedding ideas, Grammys pre party…). Think of it as the 21st century Inspiration Board without ruining perfectly good magazines or getting glue all over your floor. Brilliant if you ask me.

Guys, there is a lot of interesting stuff on there for you too. If you want to sign up and follow what I’m “pinning” up on on boards, add me: gabriellenorton .

Now go see what might Pinterest you! http://www.pinterest.com

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