Paddleboarding in the deep blue sea

What was supposed to be a Holiday training for the management team at lululemon Pasadena, turned out to be one of the funnest days yet!

Our manager surprised me, James and Shaunda with an afternoon of paddleboarding in Marina del Rey! Not sure what paddleboarding is? Check this out.

Did you see that guy in the first shot surfing the waves? Yeah well, we weren’t even close to that but we did do some yoga poses in the marina! We’ll be sent the pictures later this week.

We paddled a few feet away from sea lions and they would jump in and swim right under us. Kind of a scary feeling but very cool to watch. They smell awful by the way.

After spending an hour in the fog doing yoga poses and falling off, we ventured out to the open sea and circled around the Coast Guard ship. It was harder tok keep our balance out there because there were actual waves but we were pros at this point. ha.

We made it back 3 hours later and as we were paddleing up to the dock we saw a stingray and some crabs! Oh California, you will never cease to amaze me!

James and I did a double down dog yoga pose on a paddleboard!

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