I think you got a little bit of mud right there

How to describe the Gladiator Rock n Run in one word? Muddy.

Minus the fact that I slammed my knee on the bottom of the mud pit out of pure excitement, the whole thing was a blast and I would definitely do it again!

As I was walking to my car covered head to toe in greyish brown caked on mud, I guy drove by in his Jeep Wrangler (I was very jealous) and yelled “I think you have a little bit of mud on your shoulder!”. Thank you Captain Obvious.

Check out the Glendale New Press for pics and keep an eye out for picture #14 you might see some familiar faces!

There was no saving my socks or shoes. They went straight to the trash and it took two loads of laundry to get every bit of mud off of my clothes. Yes yes it was still worth it!

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