10 months after fixing up Goonie the Green Honda Civic and hittin’ the road for the West Coast, I am back in my home land. Even though 10 days on the East Coast seems like a decent amount of time to visit friends and family, it isn’t when you have to visit no one, but 5 cities!

Day 1-2: Mont-Tremblant. Jodi picked me up at the airport and after an emotional hello, we drove up to le Lac Mont-Tremblant. We bought some snacks and a bottle of wine and sailed off on True Colours, her recently restored sailboat. However, with no wind on the lake, we didn’t do much sailing. Instead, we used her 1960’s Mercury Boat Motor to get us 12 km in to the middle of the lake. It was a perfect day of sun bathing, swimming and chatting. With 2.5 hours of sleep and a 3-hour time difference; my 4 naps on the boat were justified.

Going boating on Lac Tremblant!

The next day was just as exciting. We woke up and had a typical Quebec breakfast of french toast and REAL maple syrup and Tim Hortons coffee. The we went on a little hike up Gray Rocks, an old ski mountain that is no longer open to the public. Once we burned a few calories, we hopped in Rosie the 1970 red Jeep Wrangler and drove to St-Jovite for a real quebec Poutine. I was in heaven.

Key ingredients for a Canadian breakfast: maple syrup and Tim Hortons coffee


At last the moment I've been waiting for...REAL poutine while sitting in Rosie the Jeep 🙂

Day 2-3: Met up with my mom in Val-David where she was staying with friends and we drove to downtown Montreal for the 7:30pm broadway show of the Lion King. Ummmm…AMAZING! With a real orchestra below the stage and incredible costumes, the musical was perfect for any age. They’re in Montreal until September 4th if anyone wants to see it!

Today, day 3, I drove to St-Urbain to see Candee and her new home. She is going to be very happy there. I saddled her up and took her out in the field for one last ride. Well, they told me I could come see here whenever I was in town 🙂

She is a very happy girl over there

Day 4: The fun never ends when you’re in Quebec! I’m having 6-7 of my closest friends over for mimosas and food. Mom cooked up storm today and we got some cute mini cupcakes from downtown l’Assomption for dessert.

Our colourful assortment of desserts

Next time on the adventures of Not Too Shabby Gabby – Back in Canada…birthdays, besties and Ottawa!


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  1. Glad you are having a great time!!!!!!!!!!!

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