A little house in France

Post race recovery included a full week of..nothing! Ok that’s not true. I now bike to work after moving to Pasadena from Glendale which is awesome for so many reasons! The exercise part is great, but the best part is the money and gas I’m saving by not driving. According to my quick calculations:

Parking costs $6/day x 20 days (approx.) = $120
Monthly Gas costs (approx. just for work) = $30
Annual savings: $150 x 12 = $1800 !

Umm hello nice little house in France in 20 years! That’s right. It’s one of my goals and I am determined to make it happen.

For those of your that were not aware, last week was Bike to Work week. Pasadena had a bunch of events around town helping in the promotion of Bike to Work week. I’ve been using my roommate’s Beach Cruiser. Yes, it’s very cool…but not ideal for cities. Hmm maybe that’s why they call it a BEACH cruiser?!

If only I had a beach to cruise by in Pasadena

It does the trick and way more enjoyable than driving in traffic!

A few weeks ago the University of Ottawa Alumni in LA had a mixer at a fancy hotel in Beverly Hills. I was invited because yes I am an alumnus! Anyways, Ginny came with me and we mingled with the 10-12 people that were there. I met some very interesting people, including a few that may need me for event planning! I talked to the 2 alumni responsible for organizing the uOttawa events abroad and told them I’d like to volunteer to help organize some of the events in LA. They were ecstatic! It definitely helped that I was bilingual šŸ™‚

Good things are happening!

I’ve been getting a lot of responsibilities at work and building strong friendships and work relationships as well. This weekend is Tilly-Gabby time. Tilly is Matt and Ginny’s foster dog and while they are away for the weekend I get to stay over and hangout with her!

Not much trouble

I am currently enjoying watching Netflix in bed with Tilly laying where she is in the picture before having to go to work at 4pm. Oh and today is lululemon Pasadena’s 4th Birthday Party! Yayy! Free massages? Yes please!

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