The Bar with No Name

Note: When planning on driving the 7 hours from Los Angeles to San Francisco, remember to bring a lot of air fresheners. The reason being, if you venture our through Highway 5, you will sadly encounter a bunch of slaughter houses. The sight is not only a sad one to see, but the smell is horrendous. On the plus side, it is the fastest route there.

Rolling hills of California

We drove through mountains and vineyards and finally flat land before arriving to the beautiful city of Petaluma where cousin Cathy, Jordan and Isaac live. Cute little town. Kayla and I went to check out a local bar called Andresen (yes it was spelled that way) and what an interesting place we discovered.

The waitress was the best part. She fit right in!

Dead animals on the wall included but were not limited to the following: buffalo, crocodile, wild cat, goat, and moose

The next day we visited Petaluma with my cousins and then hit the road to San Francisco. Our first activity was to take the ferry to Sausalito where we stopped in The No Name Bar for a beer. The cool part was that there was a live jazz band in this tiny dimly lit bar. The not-so-cool part was that their patio was an all smokers patio and the waitress was just dreadful. It had character though! One woman fell asleep to the music, but we enjoyed it.

The rest of our trip was great. We walked around the Wharf, Ghiradelli Square, put our feet in the water, rode the Cable cars and event made friends from Australia and France. Cathy suggested we try a little bar called Owl Tree right around the corner from our hotel. It was great! Modern yet small and cozy. The bartender spoke french and was from Poland. We met 2 guys from France that were driving around San Fran, LA and Vegas on a little North American trip. They invited us to go visit if we ever go to France.

It’s definitely a little chiller up in San Fran, but we were so lucky to have sun the entire weekend.

We stopped at a beach in Santa Barbara on the way back just to enjoy the ocean. Kayla got creative with her pictures and they turned out pretty cool!

When I transform into an avatar

Cool lighting at this time

Pacific Ocean!

Dipping my toes


I tried a new method of uploading photos but haven’t quite mastered it yet. There are a lot of duplicates on here, oh well!

Yet another successful trip 🙂

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