I wouldn’t consider myself a foodie, but I do enjoy critiquing cafes and little hole-in-the-wall lunch places every now and then.

I used to say that lunch was my least favourite meal of the day. I mean, let’s be honest, if you are making something at home, your options are limited. No one has time to make a giant steak or a bowl of ravioli in the middle of the afternoon. However, I was too quick to judge because Los Angeles is full of wonderful, hidden, cozy cafes and sandwich shops.

Today’s target: The Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters

Loft style cafe, yet still really cozy

I read reviews about it on Yelp and they were all so positive. I only got a coffee today (3/4 decaf) because of my cleanse restrictions, but I cannot wait to try all their fancy flavoured lattes next time.

The outside is very bland and hidden but when you walk through the door it opens up to this lofty looking living room. They roast and grind their own blends of coffee and you can watch them do the whole process.

There is a cozy couch in front of the fire place (a real one that works!) and plenty of tables to sit and use your laptop on. Free Wifi= bonus! I think I want to start exploring a new cafe once a week.

Today is my day off and next on my list is….a massage!

On my next post I will explain the cleanse we are doing a lulu in case some of you want to try it 🙂

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