When in Switzerland…

There seems to be a trend in my post titles! When in Switzerland do as the Swiss do: eat chocolate and ski! That is absolutely what we did all week. The Norton-Howard trip was beyond anything I could ever imagine.

The crew

Laura saw this view 12 times already...

On the train to Zermatt

View from our room

My very first run was tough because I wasn’t used to the altitude which made it hard to breathe. I started seeing stars here and there so I took more frequent breaks. It didn’t take too long and my body adapted to the altitude and made the rest of the ski trip very enjoyable.

Me and aunt Dianne at the base of the mountain

My new ski attire, thank you lululemon!

Dianne and Darren

The temperature change was surprising. At the very top we were all bundled up but as soon as you got half way down we started taking off layers and unzipping our coats. At the base of the mountain you could walk around in just a sweater during the day but it got very chilly at night.

St-Bernard and The Matterhorn!

Laura and the Matterhorn...and another 50 strangers

My very first Rosti! Yummm

Post Skiing beers

It was never a dull moment

We're normal

No big deal but I skied the Alps!

The view never gets old. The town of Zermatt doesn’t allow cars, only a few electric vehicles. I thought that was really cool cause it’s preserves the beauty of the old town. The “streets” were all cobblestone and the buildings had an old look to them. Everything was breathtaking.

Lunch break in the sun

2 kool kats

Our days were structured in a similar fashion. We would wake up at 8, breakfast at 9, train to the top of the mountain at 10, ski from 10:30 to 1:30, lunch from 1:30-2:30, ski from 2:30-3:30 and take the last run down to town around 3:30. Then we would relax and have a beer or 2 til 5 and most likely nap until dinner time which was 7:30. On our walk back to the hotel after dinner we would do some window shopping and see all the nice stuff we couldn’t ever afford (i.e $900 000 diamond ring). We would then have the intention of going out but most of the time Laura and I would simply hit the pillow and pass out until morning! Skiing is exhausting!

There's town at the very bottom!

Next year: The Nortons will make it their family vacation too!

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