A mother, A daughter and a Gold Malibu

Life is Good.

No I did not get attacked by a shark nor did I get kidnapped in Compton, I am very much still alive!

February is apparently the month of the Traveling Pants; mine included! Literally, my mom had to bring me my snow pants for my Switzerland trip.

Let’s see where I left off last time. Oh ya the 10k race. Ok so last Friday my mom came to visit for a week!! It was her very first time in California and we literally went from Malibu all the way to Laguna Beach and visited all the different areas of LA along the way. Such a great week!

She got to visit Pasadena while I was at work one day and then came in to lululemon and bought her first pair of Groove Pants 🙂

Monday was such a beautiful day! We/I drove all the way to Laguna Beach and Dana Point for some Valentine’s Day whale and dolphin watching. Capt’n Daves Dolphin Safari was actually really amazing. It was a smaller boat with about 20-25 of us on there which made it easier to get a good spot around the front of the boat. We saw so many dolphins and they like to swim beside the boat and then dive under and pop out on the other side.

Mom didn't want to get wet on the front of the boat

Flipper #1252

Then came the even cooler part. There was this little compartment in the basement of the boat (ok, I don’t know  the real boat lingo here) that was all glass. You could fit 2-3 people at the same time and had an underwater view of the dolphins! How cool is that!

Underwater compartment thingy

You can actually hear the dolphins "clicking" when you're in there

They move so fast so it's hard to take pictures underwater

After that busy morning we got off the boat and sat in the sand in Laguna Beach. From the shore we saw 3 whales feeding! Pretty amazing…

Mommy wants to rent a cottage in Laguna, can’t complain! It’s a cute/artsy beach town. We had dinner at the Coyote Grill with an amazing view of the ocean at Sunset.

The rest of the week was just as fun. We went to Malibu to a vineyard and bought some California wine and got to explore the mountain side of Cali. Then we drove down the Pacific Coast Highway and up through Santa Monica Blvd all the way back to Silver Lake where my mom found a cute B&B to stay at. The Sanborn Guest House is run by a nice man named Gary and his cat “Crazy Girl”.

We went out to a modern indian restaurant last night called Tantraz, on Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake. The waiter was always running around even though it wasn’t packed at all. Warning: he talks really fast and it feels like you are pressured to say yes to all of his suggestions which just makes your final bill ridiculous. My mom and I managed to say “No” to most of it, thank goodness. However, the food was DE-LICIOUS!

This morning we woke bright and early and headed to the well-know Intelligentsia Cafe on the corner of Sanborn and Sunset. It’s a trendy, hipster place to have a fancy cup of coffee or latte. I grabbed the LA Weekly newspaper on my way out to find some cool things to do this week with my next visitors!

The shuttle picked my mom up a 8:15am and I drove home to get ready for Mel and Pierre-Olivier that will be flying in to LAX tonight at 10pm! Another fun week ahead 🙂

Other news: I ran 9 miles (15 km) yesterday…AHHH! I couldn’t believe I did it but it went by so fast with my friend Becky. We did some trails around the Rose Bowl and got lost but it all added up to 15 km in the end. Next goal: sign up for a half-marathon!

These guys were on our Dolphin Safari too...they were pretty funny to watch


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