Super Rose Bowl

Superbowl at the Rosebowl? It was for me! Ok so only from 8-10 am today where I was racing around the Rosebowl for the 10k. This was second one ever and have been running fairly regularly around the Rosebowl to begin with so I knew the track well.

I’m always a little nervous to do longer distances when I’m out training but I signed myself up for the 10 K and there was no going back!

The course was easy enough. It was simply 2 loops around the 3-mile (5 K) Rosebowl. I guess it’s good because I knew the track well, but on the other hand it kinda gets boring!

I didn’t get an amazing sleep last night, but as soon as I woke up I was really excited to run! We had some lululemon peeps putting up a cheer station near the finish line wearing Kangoo Shoes.

My Pasalu cheer team with Kangoo Moon shoes!

The first loop around the Rosebowl is always a tough one because you are warming your body up and adapting to your pace. Of course of all things, I lost my Sensor chip in my car and couldn’t find it so I had no way of tracking my time or pace! I could have for sure beaten my personal record if I had had it 😦 Oh well!

Anyways, the 2d loop around was great. I picked up some speed, my legs weren’t hurting or anything and my breath was steady. I was following a few girls around the first loop but then kicked it up into high gear and passed them on the second loop.

I tried to keep up to this one girl that had a similar pace to mine but a but faster so I knew she would help me get a better chip time in the end.

On the final stretch I saw the lululemon cheer team jumping on their moon shoes and sprinted to the 50 yard line in the Rosebowl!

I looked for the clock and saw (to my horror) 1:12. AHHH! My goal was to try and beat my last race of 57:56 or at LEAST do it under an hour. I was a little bummed but I still ran over to the cheer team and put on some moon shoes and bounced around with them! (more pics to come)

They all left after a while and I returned to the race exposition to get some fruit and gatorade. I walked over to the official time sheets to see what my pace was and why I had been so much slower.

To my delight, I found my name and it had an official chip time of….58.06!!! YAYYYY! It put me at 102 out of 689 I believe. I realized after that the clock had been started 15 minutes earlier for the Half Marathoners! They left before us and that was their time. Phewwwww!

Now I am icing my calves, but they aren’t hurting or anything, just to give them a rest.

I have to work this afternoon, which means I will miss the SuperBowl but I expect my family to keep me posted!!

More pics to come.


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