It’s now or never

CRAZINESS! Yes as per usual this week is a week of craziness. So what has Not Too Shabby Gabby been up to? If you haven’t heard from me via email, skype or text do not worry I haven’t forgotten about you.

Let’s see here. Unlike last week I have barely been home, hence, not been a hermit. I guess that’s a good start. This week marked the last week of our lululemon fiscal year so we had a little celebration at an Italian restaurant in Pasadena. I really do like Pasadena. Then I went to work at the event planning company and it was a pretty dramatic day with one of our main girls/friend quitting. After this overwhelming day I called my lulu friends and we met up for some much needed YogaHop. We took the candlelight class which has those fake flickering candles all over the room but we were still practicing to hip hop. Basically, it was awesome.

YogaHop came to Lululemon Pasadena!

All that aside, the big news of the week is that my cousin Laura flew in from NYC for the weekend! Her flight was cancelled to San Diego so she ended up flying to LAX which was even better! I picked her and her friend up and we went to the Hermosa Beach Pier for a few drinks.

The next day we rented tandem bikes (pictures to come) in Santa Monica and parked them in Venice Beach and walked around. It was so nice and sunny by the beach and it was great to have the day off. Saturday they drove to San Diego with friends for a going away party but I had to work so I drove down after work. Of course I was stuck in traffic for an hour so I ended up meeting them at the restaurant. We got dressed up and ready at the Hilton and headed to a club called Stingaree.

I should probably not be a club critic because I don’t like them. They are crowded and have a lot of obnoxious people but we still had a fun night because I got to hang out with my cousin Laura and her friends.

Getting ready!

Laura could have made a big "tipping" mistake here! Incident averted!


Overall very fun night. We took a rickshaw back to the hotel because it’s the cool thing to do! Unfortunately the next morning I had to leave at 10am because I worked at 2pm in Pasadena (approx 2.5 hours away). It was a rainy day and I parked in the parking garage right behind lululemon. As I stepped out into the alley, wearing flip flops with no grip, out of no where my feet when flying and I fell flat on my hands and knees! Ouchhhhh! I have a giant bruise on my left knee and am still scheduled to run the Rosebowl 10k Sunday. I’ve been icing it and it’s not painful anymore but it gives out every now and then. I might test it out today on the treadmill.

Important thing on my To Do List today: book California driving license test. Woopsies!

Final note (this is where the title of my blog comes in), I may or may not be going to Switzerland with Laura in like 3 weeks. Actually here is a breakdown of my February:

Feb 11-18: mommy is in LA yay!!

Feb 19-27: Mel and P-O are in LA yay!!

Feb 27-March 6: Gabby and Laura are in Switz (maybe) yay!!

March 7-12: Gabby sleeps yay!!

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One thought on “It’s now or never

  1. Brigitte

    En tous cas Gabrielle, tu ne pourras jamais te reprocher d’avoir manqué les occasions qui auront passé dans ta vie! t’es pleine de vie…profites-en! J’ai bien hâte d’aller visiter Pasadena. Il y a le Huntigdon Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens qui m’intéressse, entre autres le jardin japonais et l’orangeraie. On se voit dans 9 dodos.J’ai hâte!
    Ta mère…

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