Ipods, podcasts, coffee pods…so many pods in today’s world!

Actually, I just realized that I was going to talk about my obsession with podcasts on this post but I also have something to say about every single “pod” on this list.

Ipods: my ipod that was once dead due to flooding in Oklahoma, is back in action and I used it on my run this morning at 6:45am around Glendale. For a while my Sensor that I attach to my shoe and plug in to my Ipod when running (tracks my time, mileage and calories) wasn’t working but then this morning, it made a comeback!

Coffee Pods: as much as I love Starbucks every morning it can be quite the monthly expense! In the office, we have a coffee pod which I plan to use every time I am working. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s a machine that will brew individual batches of coffee in a little tea-bag-looking coffee pod. It’s quick and convenient!

coffee pods

Podcasts: LOVE THEM! Ok, I just want to start out by saying that I don’t care who you are, there is a podcast for everyone! Seriously, go to the itunes store as though you were about to buy a song off of there but then, SURPRISE Podcasts are free! I know, brilliant eh? There’s a little tab where all the podcasts are under and you can type in the search bar whatever you want and they will even come up with other recommendations for you.

So many options!

Here are some that I started to subscribe to for free:

  • Marathon Training Academy (yup, coaches you on running your first marathon)
  • 2 fit chick and a microphone (love it!)
  • Freakonomics (like the book)
  • IndieFeed (new indie music)
  • The meditation podcast (best thing ever before going to sleep) **a lot of the girls in the event planning office are stressed out these days so we all meditate before bed to calm down before the next day and it works.

I also uploaded them onto my Ipod so that I can plug it in to my car while driving. Honestly, I am so sick of the music on the radio that I just needed something more interesting.

On another note, Erin was sick for the past week so the Daily Challenges were postponed, but now she’s all better and we are back in action! I gave her the challenge to make her own homemade face mask haha. She did a very good job, check it out on her blog.

My challenge is also posted on her blog. I have to pick 3 exercises on there and do one set of 30 each! Here I go, wish me luck!

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One thought on “Pods.

  1. Hi Gabby! Yes, I moved here in September also! I’m near San Francisco and I love it! I’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather. I started working for a non-profit in December and am happy to have secured a job. Keep in touch!!

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