Organize, Organize, Organize!

Thursday is typically a tease day. It’s like “ha ha! It’s not Friday yet and you still have to work tomorrow!” Well don’t let Mr. Thursday ruin your day quite yet. Use it to your advantage to prepare for a crazy fun weekend ahead. Let’s say you have to work 9-5p today, have your day planned out to be as efficient as possible. You want to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed on Friday because that negative vibe could drag on to your weekend.

As you know, I love lists. I constantly have a To Do list with post-its in my agenda. That reminds me, I was at a sales training on Tuesday and we were talking about how important organization and lists are in your personal life and for your career. We all talked about our own systems and one that struck out as a good idea went as follows: She had one list for “Revenue making” things to do and one for “Non revenue making” things to do.


Revenue Making To Do:

  1. Assemble material for Friday’s meeting (because potential clients will be there and you need to be prepared)
  2. Practice presentation for tomorrow’s pitch (same as above)
  3. Call back Tom about potential sponsorship (could end up being a client or used as referral)
  4. Vaccum and shovel front steps to office (!!! seriously, you don’t want a law suit or if you’re working from home it’s all about impressions and presentations)
  5. Be active on LinkedIn and Twitter (This is KEY!!!! I will post about this later with more deets)

Non Revenue Making To Do: (this does not mean they aren’t important!)

  1. Facebook (haha…actually you can use it strategically to expand your network which could end up in making new clients!)
  2. Send birthday  card to aunt Gina
  3. Oil change
  4. Pay cellphone bill
  5. … you get the idea

Now, not everyone will like this system. Some people find it easier to write a Master To Do List that will incorporate all of the items they need to get done this week or in the next month. Colour coding, separating by day, week or month are other ways of doing it. You have to find a system that works for you. I know typing them on a computer is easier than hand writing but, trust me, you will enjoy the satisfaction of crossing off items as you do them way more if they are written on paper!

Give it a try!

The reason I wanted to post about this today is because lately I have been struggling with “making time” for things. Somehow I am under the impression that I don’t have free time. Really what I need to do is plan out my day with my list of things to do each day and just get all of those done in order of importance. Then, I’ll be able to use whatever extra time I have to do my own thing or start my To Do List for the next day (if I’m really that determined)!

One of my tools for my weekly planning: icalendar!

One of my pet peeves is handing things in late or forgetting stuff and since I don’t have a very good memory, I need to rely on other tools to help me remember!

As of right now, I have my icalendar that I update with my “plan for the week”. My agenda usually has all of my icalendar events plus random things I need to remember everyday at specific times and my Blackberry has alerts to remind me of things I really  CAN’T forget! Oh and there are the random post-its that are usually less urgent things to do but still there so I don’t forget.

Most important part: seeing it written by hand!

So that’s a little inside view of my system, what’s yours going to be?!!

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2 thoughts on “Organize, Organize, Organize!

  1. Revenue-Making and Non Revenue-Making. . .that’s one that I hadn’t thought of. I like it! It makes sense. From one listmaker to another, thanks for the inspiration!


  2. I also use two lists to organize my life. One is my weekly agenda of musts, “Things to do”. The other is important things, not urgent (Quadrants 2 and 4 for all you Stephen Covey groupies), “Things to do some day”… well they aren’t all that important nor necessarily possible, “Visit China, write book, plant a forest…”

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