What is this thing called “sleep”?

Ok so maybe I’m a tad bit sleep deprived, but what else is new!?! The good news is that I am working more at lululemon and loving it as always. I also spent the entire day today at the Jonathan Country Club downtown LA today for sales training with The Party Goddess! A lot of info in one day but it’s really going to help me.

Good morning America, literally

I’m slowly preparing for my mom’s visit in exactly one month! Then Courtney and Adam will be here in May and working on seeing Kayla in March and making a trip to San Francisco which is 6 hours from here by car. Oh and my cousin Laura will be in San Diego in a few weeks so DEFINITELY planning a drive there cause it’s only 2-3 hours away!

Erin and I have been working on our challenges, but taking weekends off. We can’t always be following rules! She gave me one yesterday to go to the gym and do a 45 minute total cardio workout on 2 different machines and use intervals to help burn more calories. I started out with a 30 min run on the treadmill but intervals were hard cause the machine kept me at a walking pace. So I ended up running at a steady pace and then upping the challenge on the bike for 15 minutes with hills. Good workout!

Today we both completely forgot about each other in general. I started the day out at 6am with a lululemon staff meeting at 7am. I also had had a bad sleep because I was cold and too lazy to get up and put socks on, lesson learned! I left the staff meeting early (8:30) to drive downtown LA for a jammed-packed day at the country club for sales training. Stayed later to work on contacts, emails, follow ups, etc and then drove home in traffic. Once I made it back I sat down, put my feet up, put on good music and had a glass of wine.


I got to skype with my friend Catherine from back home which was much needed to bring back my sanity. Man I miss my Montreal girlies!!

Rewinding…Sunday I got to go to the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flee Market with 2 other girls from lululemon to hand out reusable shopping bags to guests. Seriously it was so fun! It only took us 4 minutes and the bags were gone, but then we got to walk around and see the hundreds (probably thousands actually) of vendors and I was completely overwhelmed. I mean, so overwhelmed that all I could say was: “guys I’m really overwhelmed”. Yea that was very productive! Point is, next time I go I will be ready for the amazingness of the Flee Market and ready to buy some cool vintage things! They have EVERYTHING.

Candice and Amy and anonymous shopper with lulu bag at back!

Finding treasures!

I should have bought that one bag...

Now I am going to bundle up and sleep nice and warm tonight. No more cold toes! However, I still think that if sleep was not completely essential for my survival, I would skip it altogether and get so much done!!

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