Belated Christmas dinner

Tis still the season! With Matt and Ginny back from the east coast after the holidays, I thought it would be a fun idea to have them over for dinner. I spent the last 2 days thinking of something I could make that I had never made before. I went on one of my favourite blogs “Oh She Glows” for some vegetarian recipes. There was so much to choose from but I decided on a few good ones. I ended up making some Roasted Balsamic Green Beans, Black Bean stuffed Peppers, a Mandarine, Cranberry and Pecan Spinach Salad AND a Vegan Alfredo Pasta!

It was all quite good! I served it with some $1,99 wine from Whole Foods (still the best deal ever) and Ginny and Matt brought fruit dessert soup. Or something we renamed “Dessoup”. It was deeeelish!

prepping the green beans

still in the christmas spirit

Jodi made sure I had snow on Christmas so here it is snowing in my kitchen

Daily challenge update:

E-wall’s: eat fruit at every meal. Last I heard she did not for breakfast, but hopefully caught up later in the day.

G-Nort’s: do 40 squats and 40 lunges. I did 40 squats but 20 jump lunges. Failed?


Matt provided us all with some entertainment for the evening!

Result of entertainment: all those mini presents down Ginny's shirt

8 am tomorrow: RUN CLUB!

Good night

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One thought on “Belated Christmas dinner

  1. Mmmmmm all of that looks so yummy and healthy – good job!! I only got a chance to eat fruit after dinner – clementines. I’m FAILING. But I also was at work and then at Kevin’s. We should tell each other them in advance so I can know to plan my lunch haha!!

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