That’s right we are challenged. Erin and I that is. In order to help us realize our New Year’s Resolution that include exercising more and eating better, we decided to give each other daily challenges. We’re still trying to think of a cool name but basically, each morning we will give the other person a challenge for the day. At the end of the day we will write a short blog about what the challenge was, whether or not we accomplished it, what some of our struggles were, etc.

For example, my challenge for today from Erin is “no fried food or drinks other than water”. This is tough because I am going to Universal Studios with the family again and healthy options are hard to find!

Mine for Erin is to do an upper body workout that using dumbbells that I found on Youtube. She hurt her ankle last weekend so this will be a good start, and most of us could use some more upper body strength anyways!

Check out the video I found for her:

I’d also like to mention that we are holding each other accountable from over 8000 km away! Erin currently lives in Ottawa, Canada and I am in Los Angeles, California. This is definitely the ultimate challenge!

Let it begin!

This is the "goal body" I have in mind!

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