Two thousand what?!

HOLD THE PHONE! It’s 2011, can you believe it!?!

Not gonna lie, this time last year I was basking in the Dominican sun with my fam and Erin. Funny how things can be so different only 365 days later. As of right now I am sitting in my apartment in Los Angeles where it’s been raining off and on all week with way below average temperatures!

My family is here though. It’s always nice to have familiar faces around for the holidays. My mom gets here in February woohoo! And then my friends are coming in the spring. Vegas and wine tasting is on our list of things to do 🙂

My roommates and I went out to dinner to celebrate the holidays at the Cheesecake factory. FYI I’m glad I looked at the calories on the menu before going because I would have been eating 2 days worth of calories if I hadn’t! We had a good time though.

Roommies christmas

The last few days have been awesome! My family flew in from Toronto and Pittsburgh and I’ve been spending my free time with them and then commuting from Santa Monica to Pasadena for work. It’s worked out really well actually. I got to live like a tourist for almost 2 weeks by living in hotels, eating out a lot, going to Universal Studios, and just walking around and seeing the sights and sounds of Los Angeles.

Me and little bro heading to Universal Studios!

I got to enjoy New Year’s Eve with family and friends too. We went to dinner at a little Greek restaurant on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Then, Corina and I headed to her friends for some NYW pre-gaming. Time flew and next thing we knew it was 11:45pm so we ran in our heels to the Hermosa Beach Pier to participate in the countdown along with hundreds of other Californians. Good times!

Homeless man saying I was his gf...Pass!

Me and Corina NYE

Time to burn off that holiday fat. One of my New Year’s resolutions/goals is to be vegan for 2 weeks. Not sure when I’ll start that but when I do I have to stick to it. I think it’ll be a good cleanse too.

Welcome to 2011, it’s gonna be a GREAT year!

P.S check out Erin’s new blog!


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