Good things happen to those who wait

Big news! As many of you know, I was an intern for a really cool event planning company called The Party Goddess for almost 2 months now. Well, as of yesterday I am officially their part-time Sales Manager! That’s right 🙂 I will be doing a lot of customer relationship work and using my marketing skills to sells events and coaching products.

I never thought of sales as my forte, but if it involves working with customers to book events or coaching meetings and staying very busy then why not! I also think sales is important for everyone to know if they are planning on owning their own business someday. We found a lost dog around the office yesterday and kept him with us for the day. Our accountant, Stephanie, took him home and will bring him to the vet and hope he has a chip in him.

The new member of The Party Goddess...for the day

Lululemon is still awesome obviously. We went back to the 6:20am Matrix yoga class this morning. Last week there were only 3 of us from lululemon and today we have 7!!! I was early for work so I decided to stop at my favorite place ever: Starbucks! Not very surprising eh?

Tonight me and some girls from The Party Goddess are going out for a little holiday dinner followed by a night of cleaning before grandpa and grandma get here tomorrow!

**To my family in Quebec: I sent out all my Christmas presents yesterday so you may or may not get it in time. Most likely not.

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