Christmas time = busy time

Well the last time I posted was something like December 7th so that gives you an idea of how my schedule has been lately! Craaaazy, but I love it.

Lululemon is constantly packed with people and my shifts just fly by. I am still going to as many fitness classes as I can. As a matter of fact tomorrow at 6:20am I am going to one called Matrix. The class is described like this:

MATRIX: This workout is designed to increase your “3 dimensional flexible-strength” by using your own body weight and our exclusive Yoga Wall Suspension Straps. This “Off the Wall Workout” is a 55-minute class that will improve total body and core strength while enhancing your flexibility at the same time. The flexibility components will help release tension in the shoulders, hips and hamstrings.

I have never tried anything l like this so I will let you know how it goes!

Another cool thing that happened at lululemon this week is my celebrity encounter! That’s right, at last I have not only seen but TALKED to 2 celebrities. Who are they? Well for those of you in the younger generation, no offense to my older-wiser crowd, they were both cast members off of the TV show Lost. Frederic Lehne came in and I helped him get a fitting room. Really nice guy!

lululemon shopper!

And then a mysterious blonde actress from Lost came in. She had her sunglasses on the whole time so I am not 100% sure which one she is but we talked about sports bras for a good 22 seconds AT LEAST! I am thinking it may have been Elizabeth Mitchell, only Jesse, another employee at lululemon, knows but I haven’t had the chance to confirm with him. To be continued!

Maybe it was Elizabeth...they all look the same with sunglasses!

On another note, I wrapped some of my Christmas presents tonight! I need to send them out tomorrow considering they might take a week to get to destination. I wrapped them while listening to Christmas music of course and eating chocolate from my advent calendar. The only thing missing: snow and blistering cold weather. That was not a complaint, au contraire, I am loving this 80s F/ high 20s C weather!

my very plainly wrapped presents!

My gift wrapping skills do not seem to improve with time unfortunately. Also, I had a choice of 2 designs for wrapping paper so don’t expect anything fancy! 🙂

Final note: 9 days till gpa and gma get here and then 13 days till dad and Cole arrive! YAYYYYYYYYY!


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