Christmas Countdown

What was I thinking?!!!! How could I possibly countdown the days until Christmas without an advent calendar?? Don’t worry, I’m only 7 days behind in chocolate eating which means I guess I’ll have to eat all 7 tonight. How unfortunate!

Tried to zoom in so you can see the details of my advent calendar. Fail

This morning I was up at the same time as the sunrise for our lululemon store meeting. We have one once a month where we go over some stuff that we need to work on and just any kind of information that might be useful for all the educators (that’s what we’re called) to know. We ate bagels and had coffee and hung out and talked for 2 hours. It was fun!

Then I was off to my regular Tuesday at the internship. Slow day in the office except for a guy who came by because he works for the CSI LA show and he thought our parking lot would be a perfect location to shoot the next murder scene. Like I said, the area is sketchy but we lock our doors!

Friday we have a huge 160 people holiday party at a private residence near Manhattan Beach I think. That day I work at lululemon til 2pm, then will drive to the location and work until 1am yikes! Gotta love it, and I do!

I’m currently searching for my Dec 4th chocolate on my calendar. They’re surprisingly hard to find.

Went to Power Yoga tonight. Hopefully I am getting better but it’s ridiculously hard every time!

This will be me one day

Tomorrow morning I am going to the lululemon Run Club at 7am to run around Pasadena. The cool part of this now that I work there is that I get paid to go 🙂 Have I mentioned how awesome a company lululemon is?! haha

Now I need to rest up, good night!

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