Talk and Tigers

Wow so much has happened in the past few days! So Monday and Tuesday were my training days for Lululemon (yay!!).


I know I’ve been saying this to everyone I know all week but the entire training session was just so inspiring. We get to listen to the Brian Tracy CDS that talk about goal setting and studies that were done with positive thinking… It’s really interesting and motivating. Actually, the first day after our training session I drove to the Rose Bowl and ran around the 3.2 mile track as the sun set. I was pumped!

Thursday was also an exciting day. Ginny and I got tickets to be in The Talk audience! Not gonna lie, we tried for the Ellen Degeneres show and we’re unsuccessful so we settled for The Talk. The good news is we were on camera a bunch of times AND we got FREE STUFF yayyy! It was definitely a good Los Angeles/Hollywood experience.

Friday was my first real shift at Lululemon. It went really well! The most intimidating part since I have never worked in retail really is knowing what the products are made of. I need to recommend certain outfits for different types of workouts and that can get tricky. It’s all about repetition and being around the products, I will eventually know them by heart.

While most of you were snoozing this Saturday morning at 8am PT/11am ET, I was racing in the streets of Pasadena. Yup I signed up for the 5k Tiger Race with another girl from Lululemon. Our Lululemon Run Club coach, Lydia, was there to run with us and encourage us which was great. I did ok but I really want to work on my time. My endurance is good if I keep a steady pace the whole time but that steady pace isn’t that fast.

Me, Alberto and Lidia our run coaches and Britt @ Tiger Run 2010!

I ended up with a 28.39 chip time for a 5k. Last May I had a 57.36 chip time for the 10k so I am pretty much running at a 6.68 mph pace. Lydia said we’re going to train for some more races this year and have a set schedule which is awesome because it will give us motivation to work hard and beat our time.

***News Flash***

I just received a birthday (better late than never ;)) from Erin and Kevin! I’s filled with goodies like nailpolish, CD, post-its (which I really needed actually), an event planning book (!!) and CHOCOLATE! Erin knows me so well. Thanks love.

Well I am now going to isolate myself and eat chocolate all day. Actually, tonight Ginny, Matt and I are going to see the Nutcracker at a little theatre near my house. Big weekend haha

Stay warm East Coasters!

Gma, Gpa, Dad and Cole: See you in 22 days!!!!!!!

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