Fighting Irish in a sea of Trojans

The  scene: thousands of fans dressed in red and gold proudly exposing the letters U-S-C on the front of their chests were covering the Los Angeles Coliseum parking lot yesterday. The USC Trojans fans were getting ready for one of the biggest games of the College football season against their rival team Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish!

You’re probably wondering “how does she know this and why in the world was she there?” Good observation and great question. Answer: I was working for The Party Goddess of course! They have a VIP spot every 2nd year for their family in front of the Coliseum decorated in Green and Gold. Yes! They are Notre Dame fans, a visible minority at that event.

I was in charge of the shuttle from the house to the Coliseum and back which was surprisingly a blast! I handed out business cards from The Party Goddess where I put a sticker on the back with my name and cellphone number in case people needed to tell me they were running late for the shuttle or something. Approximately 2 minutes after handing out the card with my number on the bus, I received a phone call from a passenger at the back of the bus saying ” Hello Gabby! Can you please pass us 2 beers back here!” haha I laughed but I didn’t even have any beers for them!

Between trips I hung out with the other girls at the tailgate tents and got to mingle with people from the party which was really fun! We even got to eat the food in the end :). Our boss really does spoil her employees, and I’m not just saying that!

Most precious puppy ever!

Cullen and his puppy named House who slept all day

Los Angeles Coliseum

Our mascot/balloon man/creepy thing

Other fun fact: in between shuttles I hung out with the bus driver for 3 hours until the game was over because it started to rain and I didn’t have a ticket to the game. He was so nice that he drove me around downtown LA and gave me a private guided tour of all the cool sites in LA!! It was literally me, Khosrov the bus driver in a 55 passenger voyageur bus! It all started because I told him I wasn’t from here and still have so much to see in LA. Moral of the story: strike up a conversation with people when you’re waiting in line or around for something because you never know what they have to offer!

Actually, during my lunch break I sat with Laird, the man in charge of rentals that I met at another one of our events before and we started talking about the Rose Bowl Parade because he does the rentals for a lot of the parties there! I told him that my family and I wanted to attend the Parade and asked if he knew who I should contact. You know what he told me? That he would contact people himself and see what he could do! Whether or not it works out, he offered to help just because I mentioned that I was hoping to attend the Rose Bowl Parade.

Seriously, I think I can thank my grandma Lois for the ease of chitchat ;), but if you are looking for a New Years Resolution try adding “Initiating conversations with strangers” to your list.



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