Kegsgiving Eve

Believe it or not I made it to the Lululemon 7am run this morning! There were 6 of us on a very cold morning in Pasadena. We didn’t just run around the Rose Bowl, in fact, Lydia the coach, took us around downtown Pasadena for a 4.5 mile run instead of 3! We had hills and stairs which made it a pretty touch run for me but totally worth it.

I met some cool people there so I am planning on going back every week. Actually Saturday Dec 4th , Pasadena is having the Tiger run around town. I’ll probably just do the 5k but it’ll be nice to get back into it.

Spotted on my run: coyote again! He apparently loves the Rose Bowl crowd. Maybe he’s waiting for a child to get lost so he can eat it!! Just kidding he seems nice.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I cooked for Kegsgiving. I made Caramelized Sweet Potatoes

Yummy Yams


I only have a pic of the Apple Crumble before baking which doesn't do it justice

We’re probably going to eat so much tomorrow..I’m scare I might explode!

Tomorrow = Macy’s Day Parade!!

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