Lulu vs BCBG

Of course, I realize what a great asset I am to every company out there, but I had to choose one eventually haha. Do I want to work for BCBG where I can buy the cutest outfits with my employee discount and be forced to wear heels during my entire shift…or do I want to work for Lululemon, (pronounced “loo-loo-lemon”..I know gpa was curious) a Canadian company that takes part in yoga, running, healthy eating and where you get to wear comfy yoga pants for your entire shift?

Ummm HE-LLO! Obviously the decision was clear. Lululemon here I come!

This week is a busy week considering we have Thanksgiving in the US! Woops, actually for all of us that will not be with our families ( 😦 ) we are celebrating Kegsgiving. Basically, Kegsgiving involves the obvious keg, but it’s so much more than that! We meet at Matt J, Matt A and Ginny’s place at 9:30am with baked homemade goods and cozy sweaters. We’re expecting about 25 people to sit and watch the football games and then dig in to our dozens of delicious dishes. We’ll end the afternoon with a Thanksgiving or Christmas movie of some sort. Should be fun!

We’ll be serving turkey for the meat eaters and a Tofurky (real name!) for the vegetarians.

Tofurky - pre preparation...eek

Here it is! Tofurky...this will be interesting to try

Hopefully it looks more like the 2nd picture when it’s ready to be served.

I am in charge of the Apple Crumble. I’m trying to decide which recipe is best…any suggestions?

On an unrelated note, Ginny and I managed to get tickets for a day time talk show called The Talk. It’s considered the West Coast version of The View. We’re pretty excited because this is the time of the year where talk shows give away holiday goodies, so Ginny and I are scheduled to go in December 2nd and are hoping to leave with some treats!

The talk

And finally, on another unrelated note, Ginny, Matt and I want to go see the Nutcracker on December 4th somewhere around Los Angeles. I hope this won’t interfere with my new job and internship (which is the best career decision I’ve ever made by the way!).

Speaking of my internship, these past few days I have been in charge of updating their many websites which means I have been playing around with HTML! I thought you’d be proud considering my 2 younger brothers know how to use computers better than I can. I’m glad I’m learning it cause it’s really not that difficult when you know how to read it.

Very chilly night here in Cali tonight. I’m just sipping on my Rainbow Rooibos tea and calling it a night. Sweet dreams! (Or good morning for my East Coast readers)

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