Half day

Today was supposed to be my usual Tuesday at The Party Goddess for my internship but when I got there the girls weren’t on their computers (!!!!!!). Trust me, that’s shocking! Turns out the internet was down and we were pretty useless. Crazy how dependent we are on that technology now.

Long story short, we were able to leave at 1pm and work from home! As an intern, I didn’t have any particular tasks to do at home so I went shopping with Lilly, one of my roommates. We went to Macy’s where I bought a cute pair of Ralph Lauren booties.

My Precioussssss

I also got my watched fixed! I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal but its one of those things that stays on my To Do List and never gets done, so yay for me!

I will have to cut this post short because I have to go to Lululemon in Pasadena to fill out my new employee stuff and then going to Matt and Ginny’s for the second part of the 2nd Lord of the Rings (cue dramatic music!!). I forgot how great that trilogy was.

Tomorrow I am planning (key word: planning) on joining the Lululemon run group at the Rose Bowl at 7am for a 3 mile run. Ha! We’ll see how good my will power is.

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