Day Off

I love my internship so much that I decided to go in yesterday even though I’m not scheduled. The girls just said for me to come in whenever I want!

Today, however, I took the day because I really needed to hand out resumes around Glendale. I went for coffee with my friend Lilianna who is an intern as well. We made plans to go to a Jazz bar Sunday night. It’s a place called Hal’s and  they apparently have a really good band on Sunday nights so we’ll check it out!

The rest of the afternoon I walked around Americana at Brand where they have a lot of nice, higher end shops to hand out my resume. I got a few business cards and will wait for a few call backs hopefully! They are mostly retail stores like BCBG, J Crew and Lululemon but I like the area and it’s walking distance from my house so I think it would be a good temporary job.

Tuesday night I was invited over to Matt and Ginny’s for homemade pizza! It was absolutely delish. Ginny made the entire thing from scratch. Hello Julia Child!

The chef at work

The masterpiece

After this lovely meal we watched an interesting movie that is considered a classic called Maude and Harold. It’s basically about a boy who is obsessed with death and falls in love with this 80 year old woman. Like I said, it was interesting.

Last night after work I decided to use my 1 week free pass at the gym down the street from my house. I went to their Zumba class and it was a great and fun workout! It’s not a very expensive gym to join but I feel like it’s a little small and too busy. I’ll test it out for a week and evaluate whether or not I want to join. Worst case, I can always go to the Zumba classes for $10!

Tomorrow night some girls from work invited me to go to a bar called The Basement Tavern in Santa Monica. It got great reviews so I’m excited to check it out!

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