Gabby and the spider

Yes, you read correctly. Today Jessica (another girl at the event planning company) and I were putting stuff away in the basement of the office and as I was leaning over the counter to place an item down I saw her. Red belly facing up, hanging from a long thin cob web: The Black Widow! I was too terrified to take a picture or anything so here is one I found on Google but basically I panicked because I was expecting it to leap on me and kill me with it’s venom (dad, I believe the extreme paranoia I am developing comes from you!) so I took my sandal off and smashed it.


I do feel bad. I really do, but it was my life or hers at this point. I avoided the basement for the rest of the day.

The rest of the day went quite smoothly after the near death experience. I sold Goonie to a junkyard for $100…not even enough to cover the brand new tires we put on before leaving Ottawa. Sometimes you just have to settle!

One of my roommates Lily just came back from 2 days in San Francisco (6-7 hour drive from LA) and gave me a late birthday present. How sweet of her!

Bad picture but it's supposed to be a really cute necklace form Lily!

I know you have all been dying to see what my room looks like so here are a few pics!

Red= Canada!

The door on the left leads directly to outside!!Full length mirrorsMy shoes got their very own corner

Jodi is on my wall by my Paris postcards

Erin is with me with a few beach shots...we'll take new ones when you visit!

For those of you that aren’t on my wall don’t you worry I have 2 empty walls that I plan on covering with picture of my family and friends πŸ™‚

Almost forgot my shoes that have their own corner!

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3 thoughts on “Gabby and the spider

  1. Lawrence J. Thomas

    Dear Gabby,

    You do lead a life full of events!!!!!!

  2. jodi

    Aw gabber thanks! You know you are all over my walls too. I miss you xoxo

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