Run by the road

Not my idea of a nice scenic run but it’ll do. I mean we are in one of the largest cities in the world, so Griffith Park is not that bad. Actually, Griffith Park has a lot of neat things in it. Right beside the parking lot there is a Pony Ride center. I don’t mean to be judgmental but upon first impression, the pony ride center didn’t seem very “appealing”. I never really liked pony ride/trail ride centers. I’m sure some places treat their horses really well but having horses and ponies do the same thing every day in the dust and heat isn’t an ideal life.

As I continued my run along the not-so-scenic road that ran parallel to the freeway (ugh), I saw a sign for The Los Angeles Zoo!!! You can imagine my excitement at that moment! I didn’t know how far it was so I kept running hoping to see Giraffes and elephants at the top of the hill. Yea, well that didn’t happen.

...I wish

Oh well, at least I know it’s there! Cole, whether you want to go or not, we are going when you come visit!

Get ready for so much fun you'll never want to go home!

After a decent run in the hilly California park, I came back to my freshly unpacked room. I’ll show you a picture on my next post but it’s pretty cute. I decorated in red to represent Canada šŸ™‚

I’m currently sitting on an outdoor patio at Starbucks that is a 7 min walk from my new place. Score! Note: people consider anything over a 3 minute walk as “far” and rather use their car. Ridiculous! I’ve made it my personal goal to walk as often as I can to places. My laptop is so light that really I have no excuse not to.

My addiction

It’s 24 degrees celcius or 75 F I believe and obviously I am in shorts because this is still summer weather for me. But guess what? People probably think I’m crazy because they are all in sweaters and pants. Oh they have no idea what cold is!

When people tell me about “cold” times they’ve experienced I like to tell them “well I survived the ’98 ice storm ha!”. Sure showed them! Check out my dad’s website (Phil Norton) for more ice storm pictures in case you don’t believe me!

Dad's ice storm picture

Ok well I clearly went off topic a few times here. Better get back home for lunch!

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