The return of the Ipod

Good news! Remember how my Ipod drowned in the hurricane flood in Oklahoma? Well apparently it was just resting for a long time. I finally unpacked all my stuff after 3 months of not really having access to it and the Ipod woke up!

Good to see you Mr.Ipod

You know what this means though? I have no more valid excuses for skipping out on running. My Ipod is fixed, I have new shoes, there’s never any snow outside, I don’t have a full time job and I am totally physically capable of running. Darn. Just kidding I’m pretty excited. I think there’s a running club close by that I’ll have to check out and make more friends!!

Finally relaxing after moving and unpacking for hours…I still have to make a trip to Target for bedding.

There are people stomping upstairs. Stay tuned for the next episode of “What did Gabrielle get herself into this time?!”

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