Moving day, again!

Let’s see, according to my calculations this would make today my 6th move since I left home in 2005. Wow, hopefully I will be at this place for a while. It’s a beautiful morning in Los Angeles, but surprisingly it gets REALLY cold at night. Like sweater-and-socks cold.

With cold weather comes….chapped lips. what a drag! As you can see in the picture below my bottom lip is red and swollen from extreme dryness. No need to send me packs of chapstick because I do have a gazillion in my bad but I think I’m allergic to an ingredient in some of them. I start to cough and get a scratchy throat when I apply certain chapsticks.

Chapped lips season has begun

On the agenda this weekend:
  • Moving to my new place (duh)
  • Rollerblading around the Rose Bowl
  • Go to the Americana for my new roommates birthday (yes they already invited me!)
  • Buy tickets to the Nutcracker in LA (so excited!!)
  • Go to the Rose Bowl Market day tomorrow (it’s like a giant garage sale!!)
  • Job hunt (it’s time.)

I will be back at the office for my internship Monday and Tuesday. I really look forward to going there it’s exactly the kind of work I am good and and that I enjoy doing. Also, it’s safe to say: I MADE FRIENDS! Haha

This being said, as fun as my birthday was, I miss my friends (and family of course) back in Ottawa, Montreal and scattered around the rest of Canada and the US!

Shout out to my faves, you know who you are!

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