Ups and Downs…but mostly ups

Good evening!

I really need  to update this blog daily but the reason I haven’t is  because I am computerless! Yes, my old Dell decided it was time for it to go. And then Goony, my car, decided it was a great time to do the same. FML!

Not to worry, there is good news in all of this! My internship is going GREAT! It’s everything I would want in an internship…and more. I get to work with the best group of girls ever, help at tens of thousands of dollars parties and drive around LA with my windows down (correction: with another intern’s car’s windows down because my car died remember).

Anyways other than that there is more good news! I HAVE AN APARTMENT YAYYY! It’s a 3 bdrm place in Glendale, CA. The other roommates are so sweet and I know we’ll all get along great. Note: I think we all like to have a good party night, but it is most definitely not a Frat House. Thank goodness.

The neighbourhood is perfect. It’s half a mile away from the Glendale Galleria which has EVERY STORE IN THE WORLD! Ok , so I may be exaggerating a bit, but it’s pretty amazing.

Ahh all I can say is life is really good right now and my family is coming to visit in the next few months and ya…this is great. No snow, even greater!

More later because I need to make dinner.

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