East Coast

It’s been a while since I left the West Coast to venture back to the East but now I am 2 weeks away from going back. Time flies!

First stop was back in Nashville, TN for my cousin Kelly and Brandon’s wedding. On the Friday night we had a bachelorette party for Kelly and ended up at the Red Door Saloon right behind our hotel. Shortly after our arrival we saw…CHARLES KELLEY, singer in the band Lady Antebellum!!!

Celebrity Sightings: 1 (!!)

Saturday a few of us went out downtown Nashville after the rehearsal dinner. Last time I was there with Ginny and Sarah it was a Tuesday night and the streets weren’t very crowded. However, on a Saturday night… well it’s a whole other story! The nightlife downtown Nashville on a weekend is surreal.

We went to a bar called The Big Bang where there were 2 pianos, drums and some guitars. The guys on the pianos put little white papers on the side where we could write song requests along with a small donation ($$) and they would eventually play all the songs. It was pretty cool except that THEY NEVER PLAYED MY SONG! As a matter of fact, I requested `That Don’t Impress Me Much’ by Shania Twain. They could have totally performed that one, Come on!!

Anyways, after driving 16 hours dad and I finally made it back to Picton, ON at 5:30am. The next few days involved a whole lot of nothing with the family which was nice.

Next stop: Ottawa! It’s always nice to be back in a familiar territory. I slept at Erin’s for a few days and had to attend the Legacy Conference that I had helped planned months ago not knowing I would be living on the other side of the continent at the time of the event. It went really well and I’m sure the Legacy team will make the second annual conference an even bigger and better one!

Of course the best part of the Ottawa weekend was seeing all my friends. Even though they had a goodbye party for me before I left the first time, it was nice to say hello and goodbye one last time. Some of them will be visiting LA in the spring which gives me something to look forward to!

I packed up all my stuff and hopped on the bus to Montreal for the next 10 days. During the first few days I saw friends, my horse, went to the gym, read, watched a lot of tv…the usual. But then, over Thanksgiving weekend, mom and I drove 5 hours North to La Malbaie which is about 2.5 hours from Quebec City.

The soul purpose of our trip? TO SEE WHALES! Yes I had never seen whales in the wild so what better time to do it than now when the fall colours are out and the temperature is just right. Oh and we saw SO MANY whales! Everything from Belugas to Humpback Whales and even little Seals.

We took the ferry to Tadoussac and as we’re standing by the railing, watching for whales as we cross, mom and I got a huge salty wave splash right in our faces! We decided to stay in our car for the rest of the ferry ride haha.

All in all, a great Thanksgiving weekend.

Now I am back in the city (Montreal…yes it can get confusing) and am going to have dinner with the girls before I leave for Vermont for MATT AND GINNY’S WEDDING!!!

Oh and other cool fact, I got an event planning internship. I had a dream last night that I was hired after a few weeks and became a celebrity event planner. It could happen. It will happen!

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