Who needs hotels when you can sleep in a teepee!

Day 8 started off with a surprising stop to…nope not Starbucks! In fact, we stopped at a Santa Fe Honda garage to make sure Goonie wasn’t too broken. The good news was that it was only the muffler that had a hole in it (perhaps due to the torrential downpour after hurricane Hermine?). The bad news is that Goonie is SO LOUD. Next stop: downtown Santa Fe!

We walked around this breathtaking city between mountains and after passing the “homeless park” we found the Fiesta! The lady at the welcome center yesterday did mention it would be happening but we didn’t think we would be able to see it. We walked around, listened to the music and were just in time for the Pet Parade winners! Apparently today was the Pet Fiesta.

We got roasted corn..WOW! What a treat! Everyone there is so nice…and rich we think. Very artsy and has a lot individual boutiques.

Next stop: Starbucks and Flagstaff, Arizona!

We’re going to have a picnic somewhere along the 40 West because this view is outstanding. Well a little later we stopped at the Arizona welcome center where there is a sign that says: Do not pick up hitchhikers due to state penitentiary close by. Ohhh and of course we saw 2. We ate so fast and jumped back in our cars.  So much for a nice relaxing picnic.

Arriving in Flagstaff was great! The view of the mountains was amazing and it was a nice change from the desert. We decided to stay in a KOA Kabin instead of our tent because it was supposed to get chilly that night. The Kabins were all booked but the lady at the desk offered us a teepee! Um DUH! We would love to stay in a teepee!

For dinner we orded pizza to the KOA and cuddled up in the round teepee beds. I slept great because I was right beside the electric heater but Ginny said I stole all the blankets and she was freezing. I don’t do it on purpose! It made up for the bad scruffy man sleep and the tarantula dream sleep.

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