What happens in Vegas…

Stays in Vegas! Therefore, we will not blog about our amazing night in Vegas.


So we left Arizona and drove past the Hoover Dam on our way to Vegas. As much as Ginny wanted to stop and see it, I refused due to the intolerable 150F heat. I had been driving in my bathing suit and I couldn’t get any more naked than that so the sooner we got to our luxurious hotel pool, the better.

On our drive around the Hoover Dam we all had to stop abruptly to let 2 mountain goats (?) literally jump over the guard rail, run/hop across the busy road and jump back over the other guard rail and disappear into the big boulders.

An hour later, we made our big and loud entrance to Sin City. We checked in to the MGM Grand and went straight to the bar pool. We stayed in the sun ’til about 6:30 p, and talked about “how this was the life and that we are now going to be living so close to Vegas that we can come back every weekend!” Don’t worry parents, we will only go every second weekend we won’t!

Then we got glammed up Vegas-style and hit the town!

First stop: Bellagio hotel for the fountain and light show. Impressive!

While you’re in Vegas you kinda have to gamble a little. I put $1 into the slot machines and won….NOTHING! Boo hoo 😦 That’s ok because we went to another hotel/casino called Bills where you can play tables for a minimum $5 bet and get drinks really cheap too. I guess it was my lucky casino because I put $20 on Black Jack and left the table with $165. Not bad!

While I was busy being a high roller, Sarah and Ginny enjoyed Bill’s karaoke shows. Some were good, some not so much. After walking back through the strip we arrived in our hotel room ready to pass out. It was 4am.

Next morning started out with our 9 cups of Starbucks: we each get 1 drink, 1 ice water and 1 cup of hot water for our oatmeal in the car. Starbucks should have sponsored our trip.

Next stop: LA!!!!! We’re almost there!

New York New York Hotel

Our beds were so comfy we almost didn't leave our room

My winnings!!

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