Home Stretch!

Day 11: our final day of driving at last!

Goonie is the only Quebec car I’ve seen all trip. Ha!

Our last 4 hour drive was under the blistering hot desert sun. “Welcome to your new life, get used to it” -seemed to say the Sun. We stopped at the California Emissions Checkpoint. I was worried about Goonie because of the muffler situation but Stormy and the Green Goon flew through. Mr. Cactus who has been riding in my cup holder for 11 days is slowly dying. Not too sure what to do about him.

Matt sent Ginny an email the night before saying how excited he was for us to arrive and detailing all the food he bought for our vegetarian taste buds. What a sweetheart.

Looking back on the past 11 days, we went through quite an amazing journey. How many people get this once in a lifetime opportunity? We were lucky with our cars, weather (hurricane aside) and the characters we met along the way were all charming.

We laughed, cried (at how great our lattes were) and yelled at each other but in the end this trip will be something we’ll always share and talked about for a long time.

So, to Lola Chang and Kassandra Banks, thanks for the memories and this life changing experience.

To Stormy and Green Goon, thanks for being troopers and bringing us safely to destination.  You both deserve a deluxe car wash.

To our parents who were probably thinking “why did we agree to this crazy idea!”, thanks for not freaking out at the idea of 3 girls driving 11 days in 2 cars across 11 states with plans to camp in the wilderness. Hope this blog helped you to sleep better at night knowing where we were at all times.

It’s safe to say another chapter of our life is over but a whole new one is only just beginning.

Ginny is getting married to the ever-so-handsome Matt this October and is looking forward to living with him in LA.

Sarah is flying back to Ottawa 😦 on Sunday and is planning on moving to Toronto to find a career that interests her. If all else fails, she wants babies.

As for myself, I have been and continue to live by the motto of “Que sera, sera” – Whatever will be, will be. I’m going to try my luck at event planning in Los Angeles. If it doesn’t work out i’ll blow all my money on horses and great food! That’s reasonable, eh?

On this note,

Over and Out!

Love, Peneloppe Etoile

P.S Girls, keep it fly like a G6!

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3 thoughts on “Home Stretch!

  1. Bobby

    Great blog Gabby!! I want to hop on my harley and duplicate your trip. Glad everyone is safe and sound in LA.

  2. Simone

    Thanks fr the details! I am so proud of you girls, What a wonderful adventure with beautiful memories!!!

  3. sarah

    hahaha babies in my life plan!??? guess I shouldn’t be ‘drama’ about it…(*cough* too soon??)

    Sweet endings to a sweet blog, P. Etoile! I’m going to miss you girls this month. Luckily we have another roadtrip lined up in October just so we wouldn’t miss driving together too much. Keep me updated on your new LA life. Peace-out Lady,

    KAssssssandra B.

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