Day 7 in No Man’s Land

Departed from Amarillo, TX at 11 am after spending a good 2 hours sunning by the pool and on picnic tables (I was still iffy about the tarantula migration – do you blame me!?). I didn’t sleep well last night because I was dreaming about the tarantulas again, so I cocooned myself in my sheets in case they tried to climb in.

We checked out, headed to Starbucks and met a new friend: Mr. Mustang.

The name is a dead giveawave of the type of character Mr. Mustang was. His story goes as follows:

Many years ago he met a Canadian stripper who cried on his shoulder because she was getting deported since her boyfriend at the time called the authorities. So generous Mr.Mustang offered the stripper to stay with him (and illegally hide her basically). Not sure how the story ended but he noticed Ginny’s Ontario plates and HAD to come talk to us because he really likes Canadians. Clearly.

Mr. Mustang claims he is a famous tattoo artist. Lovely. He also claims to own 6 Harleys, a few Mustangs and one Jaguar.

After that fabulous encounter we headed west through more Texan scenery and then we discovered New Mexico! Now that’s an impressive state with its miles and miles of… nothing!

With hours of thinking time ahead of me here is a list of facts and questions I came up with:

  1. Who was hired to fence in the entire state by the highway?
  2. Do those horses even belong to anyone? It’s not like you can see them outside your front window.
  3. Where are all the rattlesnakes?!!!
  4. Only 5 billboards are along that highway and the one the company chose to expose is “Buy your polar fleece here!”….really? REALLY?
  5. You better gas up every time you see a gas station. They are rare.
  6. Goonie was/is the oldest car on the road.
  7. An old cowboy at the gas station told us  that if we wanted to catch a crocodile you just need to pick up a child you don’t like and lower their legs into the water. We think he was joking?!
  8. It’s really hot out.

We arrived in Santa Fe and had to drive up a mountain to the “Treehouse Campground” that sounded like it would be the coolest campground ever! Wrong. Goonie didn’t enjoy that climb at all. As a matter of fact, she decided to make this the perfect time to voice her dislike and break the muffler. Fantastic.

Of course, the campsite was a dump so we drove all the way back down to a new site called Ranchero (I think), it was much nicer!

Sarah and I went to a farmer’s market where they had tons of great fruits, veggies, pies and cheese. We had a great feast that night. Meanwhile, Ginny tried to weigh the tent down because the wind there is VIOLENT! In fact, when we came back Ginny had already been flipped over in the tent but had gathered rocks to put on all the pegs.

Oh and right as I was walking back from the washroom late at night, the camp owner drove up to me in his golf cart and asked if I had seen a “scruffy man”. SERIOUSLY? YOU ARE ASKING ME, A DEFENSELESS GIRL, WALKING BACK TO HER VERY NON BULLETPROOF/KNIFEPROOF TENT IF I HAVE SEEN A SCRUFFY MAN!!!!!” Of course I had to let the other 2 defenseless girls about the ex-convict scruffy man on the loose. That went over well. We brought rocks in with us, had our one knife beside the pillows and had already planned out exit strategy. I don’t even want to talk about how awful our sleep was. It was so windy out that our tent zippers kept making noise and freaking us out.

Glad we survived. The scruffy man was probably another camper.

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