Arizona- My new home

Remember I said Texas and New Mexico were beautiful states, well, I found better: ARIZONA! OMG! We had a short drive from Flagstaff to the GRAND CANYON (no big deal).

There are no words to describe the Grand Canyon view. Even though we felt like throwing up half the time because it was so steep, it was a breathtaking scenery. We felt light headed a lot (sun? dehydration? or perhaps the 2 mile drop a few feet away from us?).

We walk around part of the south rim trail and it took us about 2 hours because we stopped for pictures a lot. We had a picnic on our way back and took the famous Route 66 on our way to Kingman. That was another beautiful view and historic too!

We saw our very first Los Angeles sign…400 more miles!!!

Here is a list of things I am slightly disappointed in:

  1. Didn’t see a tarantula (yes I secretly wanted to see one as long as it wasn’t too close)
  2. Didn’t see a rattlesnake
  3. Didn’t see a mountain lion
  4. Didn’t see a big cactus like in the Arizona map front picture
  5. Didn’t see a moose even though there were signs everywhere!

Also, if Cali life isn’t good for me I’ve decided to move and/or buy a cottage in Arizona. It’s ridiculously beautiful. On one side you have huge tree-filled mountains and then you turn to the other side and see flat land and deserts. Best of both worlds!

Tonight we made quesadillas and got a KOA Kabin for the same price as a normal tent because the lady wanted us to feel safe after we told her about our last tent adventure (scruffy man)! Another thank you card will be going out to Carol is Kingman!

I’d just like to point out that tomorrow= LAS VEGAS!!!!

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