Would you rather be swept up by a flash flood or a group of migrating tarantulas?

7:18am: “Gabby, I’m w0rried the creek out front is going to overflow” said Ginny. “Oh no, no don’t worry we’re safe here” said Gabby. 7:22 am central time: “knock! knock! knock! Girls, wake up! You really need to wake up!” said Sandy the Sallisaw, OK KOA owner. At first we were afraid it would be a stranger and asked who it was. Half asleep, I climbed out of our luxuriously air conditioned cabin bed and…stepped both feet in over 6 inches of water!

Blinded by my usual morning confusion and the fact that I didn’t have my glasses on, I said: “hey guys, pretty sure our cabin is flooded!”

Sandy, calm yet  firm in her directives, told us to immediately move our cars. By this time I was wearing my glasses but it didn’t help with the torrential downpour obstructing my view. Ginny and I took stormy and Goonie to a higher part of the campground. The bottom of both cars were completely soaked but luckily nothing important was on the floors. Our stuff inside the cabin, however, was a whole other story.

Sandy told us to go inside the office’s common room and stay there and she would bring all our stuff in. She was out in the storm for another 10-15 minutes bringing our bags and pillows all by herself. NICEST WOMAN EVER! We checked all of our electronics and unfortunately there was quite a bit of damage. Of course, Ginny and Sarah’s things were all fine but pretty much all my belongings are ruined!

Here is a list of my ruined articles:

  • Ipod
  • Dad’s really nice camera he gave me 😦 (I’m still drying out the battery…I have hope!)
  • My computer (well it messed something up in the battery on the cord)
  • My 2 passports: I now look like a man with a dark black mustache on my US passport (whatev, I wanted a new one anyways)
  • My US money (I’ve paid with wet money in 2 stores now…kinda embarassing!)

Like refugees, Sandy and her husband Terry had us camp out in their KOA office and gave us quarters to use the dryer for our clothes. Wet was an understatement. We were watching the news and keeping an eye on Hermine for the hours following the evacuation. Sandy made us biscuits and served us orange juice. We all agreed to send them a thank you card when we arrive in LA. We also donated 5 wet dollar bills to their KOA fund.

On the bright side, we’re really glad we missed the tornado in Dallas at the same time!

11:10 am: we hopped back into our invincible cars and headed west towards Amarillo, Texas! We decided we definitely weren’t making it to Santa Fe so we split the trip into another 2 days.

On our way we say a stray dog, a LIVE turtle, passed through Checotah, OK (home of Carrie Underwood) as well as a lovely town called Lotsawatah (say it fast: Lot’s of water…NO KIDDING! How ironic is that!)

After road tripping with the same people for a few days you start to notice their “unique” characteristics come out.

  • Sarah: has ADD- she is incapable of sitting still in or out of a vehicle for more than 20 minutes.
  • Gabby: has OCD- she absolutely has to gas up to an even number.
  • Ginny: has Specifictitis- certain items have to be placed in certain spots at all times.

On the way I heard a song on the radio called: “Amarillo skies”. All I hoped it said was that the Amarillo skies were never cloudy and full of flood rains. Indeed this is true because they are now in a serious drought, says the girl at the KOA desk.

Other slightly important things the KOA lady mentioned are:

  • This is not tornado season
  • This is tarantula migrating season. After learning this lovely piece of information we made the executive decision to rent another cabin.  A flood-free one preferably.
  • Rattle snakes are rare around here
  • The pool closes at 7:30pm. Ginny was already in her bathing suit and walking over there when we had to tell her it was closed.

Sarah and I really loved driving through Texas. We all stopped at a rest area that was actually a Tornado shelter over the Palco something canyon. Apparently that particular canyon is full of rattle snakes and there are open hiking trails. We felt we didn’t particularly need to go hiking there.

So all in all, a VERY eventful day! We’re glad we all are safe but it actually made the road trip so much more exciting. Tomorrow we only have about 4.5 hrs drive to Santa Fe so we are sleeping in, swimming, and tanning at our KOA, here in Amarillo, Texas. Then, we are buying cowboy hats.

Good night y’all!

P.S –> My laptop is temporarily out of use and we are on Ginny’s desktop which we won’t be able to access every day. Please do not freak out if we don’t post blogs for a few days!

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One thought on “Would you rather be swept up by a flash flood or a group of migrating tarantulas?

  1. Simone

    OMG So funny! Tarantula migrating season!!! Hahaha! That is right out of Ginny’s nightmares! Why would a pool close at 7:30?

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