Welcoming Hermine

Let’s not freak out but lovely tropical storm Hermine is about to hit us. Be assured, we are safely lodged in a KOA Kabin for the night in Salisaw, Oklahoma.

We had a rainy start today leaving Memphis. Me, Ginny, Sarah, Hezi and Yonatan left Motel 6 and headed straight to…STARBUCKS! Obvi. We said our goodbyes and added each other to Facebook. They were going to New Orleans and we were aiming for Oklahoma City although we stopped a few hours earlier in Salisaw.

We stopped for gas and air for our tires along the 40 W but will need to check our oil first thing tomorrow morning. The cars are doing amazing by the way! Man what a hot, humid and rainy day it was! The Green Goon loved Arkansaw’s flat land today.

We saw transport trucks carrying what seemed like airplane wings…pretty impressive. We also drove through a transport truck’s blown up tire…also kinda impressive but glad to have left that scene behind.

Random facts of the day:

  • Stormy won’t go over 100 km/h if she has less than half a tank of gas
  • Goonie refuses to pass going uphill
  • Every state has the same names of towns I swear! I saw like 4 Polaskis
  • Oklahoma has a lot of “Dry Counties”. Basically, this means you can’t buy any alcohol anywhere other than licensed restaurants. We had to hide our shocked faces when the lady at Target told us that. Weird.
  • We saw our very first armadillo! However, it was roadkill but still!

Here are a few more pictures of Nashville and Memphis. Might as well post some now that we have time before we get hit by Hermine.

Yup, that's the band in Nashville 🙂

Beale St, Memphis

Blues band in Memphis

Recent executive decision: We were planning to stay in Santa Fe tomorrow but that is a 12 hour drive from here so we decided to split it in half and stay in Amarillo, TX in a KOA there. This will give Elana a chance to catch up. She is our friend from Ottawa that is moving out to northern California to study but had to leave a few days later. Exciting!

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