All I’d like to say about Nashville is: A-MAZING! We are so glad we got to stay in a hotel over night and shower!! We got cleaned up, listened to our traditional G6 song and headed downtown Nashville on the corner of 5th and Broadway where we were surrounded by live music and cowboy hats.

We went for dinner at Rippy’s and sat outside and listened to the live band while we ate our supper. Ginny had a delicious catfish sandwich, Sarah a pulled pork sandwich and I had a plate of nachos with fake cheese and horrible lettuce. Great. The live band was absolutely amazing though, and the singer was really cute.

We then decided to head across the street to Tootsies, a cute little country bar with another live band. The bouncer was so nice but asked for our ID only because the “camera” was watching. The problem was that he couldn’t even read our birth dates on our ID because our licenses were from far away provinces šŸ™‚

There was another live band at Tootsies and we met 2 girls that had recently gotten married and were looking for friends to dance with. Their hubbies were not much into dancing. Then we met 2 guys from Israel, Hezi and Yonatan, who were travelling all around the US with a rental car for 6 months. They are going to New Orleans tomorrow and then Florida…kinda off course!

So we were going back and forth from Rippy’s to Tootsies all night and then an old cowboy asked me to dance. I got twirled around like a real country gal! Not too long after, the band was done playing and we talked to them for a while and the cute singer bought us a beer.

As the night progressed, we thought it would be a great idea to coordinate our Memphis trip with Hezi and Yonatan’s because they were headed that way too. They were to meet us outside the Days Inn at 11am Tuesday morning.

We came home at approximately 3:30 am. Great night! I ate a banana and we fell asleep with the TV on, as well as my glasses. This morning we woke up and enjoyed a full 2 hours of TV before checking out. What a treat!

Our friends met us outside the Days Inn and it was time to hit the road for Memphis!

Downtown Nashville!

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2 thoughts on “Yeehawww!

  1. cathy

    Hello Cousin!
    Sounds like a fantastic trip so far!
    We missed you like crazy in Mars – but we are hoping to see you in Ell-Ayy

    we will be there 9/18-9/20..I will stay tuned šŸ™‚

    happy travels!

  2. Those dates are perfect!! We will be arriving on the 16th or 17th at the latest. Let’s leep in touch closer to the date so we can meet up. I can’t wait!

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