Hot Messes

We’re wrapping up day 4 in Memphis, TN! The title of this post is due to the fact that we looked like messes as we drove on the 40 West in hot and humid weather with our sweaty clothes.

It was a short drive from Nashville to Memphis, about 3 hours. We went around  Nashville in desperate need for Starbucks. We found it at a downtown hotel, thank goodness! There were grey clouds today but we were thrilled because there was no way we would handle humidity AND sun.

After traveling through the Bible Belt states for the past few days, we started to replace our favorite G6 lyrics by “Jesus”. We felt it was appropriate.

We passed the “Pearl Museum” exit. Awwww I miss Pearlie. Ginny and I had a long discussion about what we would do if we saw a tornado. Option 1: hide under an overpass. Option 2: hide in a cement cylinder thing in the ditch. We were prepared.

So the interesting part of the trip came when we arrived to our GPS-programmed campground called Mississippi River Park. Yikes! The worrying began when we passed the Crump shopping strip that included 3 shut down restaurants, a dollar store, a wig store, a laundry mat, a burnt down clothes store and a graffiti covered garage. As we passed a closed down and heavily vandalized hotel and pulled into the “campground”, we already had one person working on the GPS to find another location.

The campground was basically a trailer park in Memphis’ projects. The owner came out yelling in french because she absolutely did not want us to use her bathrooms if we weren’t staying. We got the hell out of there!! My parents, Ginny’s parents and Sarah’s parents would definitely NOT approve! So, we made an executive decision to stay in Motel6 downtown Memphis tonight. Phew!

We ordered pizza for supper with our 2 friends and tonight’s plan is to head to a local bar for some good old blues music.

the "Campground"

Hezi, Yonatan, Ginny and me

Pizza Party!

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One thought on “Hot Messes

  1. Simone

    Yikes! Hard to believe that campground is approved by Good Sam Club. Glad you made your escape. The road friends look nice. Excited to hear about Memphis.

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