Virginia is for Lovers

THE waterfall

Why stay in Asheville’s beautiful Smoky Mountain National Park when you can stay in… WYTHEVILLE, VA!! After getting a late start this morning, we hoped to drive the 8 hours or so to North Carolina and stay at the Rocky Mountain National Park. Unfortunately we didn’t get that far and figured there would be a lot of people wanting to stay there over the long weekend anyways.

We settled for the Deer Trail Park Campground in Wytheville, VA. Interesting place to say the least. As soon as we turned down the country road through the mountains we were greeted by every single resident (Dad, remember Hal Island? SAME THING!). Well at least everyone is friendly!

Again we have a campsite right by the creek and my computer is plugged into a post with electricity and free wi-fi, what a deal!

Tomorrow is another big day. We’re headin’ to Nashville! Funny that I will be there again in 2 weeks for Kelly’s wedding. Our tent is set up and I bought a small foam mattress at Walmart today (where they also sell guns. No big deal.) and am hoping for a better sleep than last nights’ “bumpy-rock-hard-muscle-aching sleep”.

The girls are preparing dinner: veggie wraps with melted cheese that we will warm up on our mini stove.

Note: We got to choose our campsite today and we had the option between creek or waterfall! So of course we wanted the waterfall –> please see picture above of “waterfall” haha.

Sarah bringing our wood for the night

West Virginiaaa

Note 2: Ginny cried at Starbucks this morning because her Chai Latte was “SO GOOD”…no joke!

Quote of the day: Our theme song for this trip is “Like a G6” and Gabby thought she knew the lyrics and sang: “Drinking in a blizzard, like a lizzard…” but the real lyrics are “Poppin’ bottles in the ice, like a blizzard. When we drink we do it right gettin’ slizzard”….close enough!

Over and out!

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One thought on “Virginia is for Lovers

  1. Simone

    Hi Gab!, Great blog! Hilarious. I love the Starbucks walkie-talkie communication. Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Re camping gear you can buy a toaster at camping stores and walmart that will make toast on the camper stove. It only costs around $5 and works great. It toasts 4 pieces at a time.

    I’m so excited to read your blog and hear about your adventures. I guess those Christian camp sites are pretty safe. They must be calling to you guys!

    We are back from the Adirondacks camping this weekend. We had a lot of fun.

    xxxx to all of you


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